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24th April 2018

Euroboozer Gets Lucky with O’Hara’s Distribution Deal

Specialist beer importer Euroboozer has strengthened its portfolio ahead of the summer months with a grand slam of taste rich, artisan beers from Ireland’s pioneering Carlow Brewing Company.

Set up in 1996, the Carlow Brewing Company is an independent Irish family-owned brewery and one of the forerunners of Ireland’s exciting, innovative and fast-moving craft brewing scene.

Located in the heart of the country near to the traditional malt and hop-growing “Barrow Valley” region, the brewery’s award-winning O’Hara’s beers are being made available in 30 litre steel kegs, plus stylish 33cl and 50cl bottles.

The O’Hara’s beers will be supplemented with seasonal specials and are being targeted at pubs, restaurants, craft beer bars and quality beer retailers. The tasty trio of tipples initially launching include:

O’Hara’s Irish Stout 

First brewed in 1999, O’Hara’s Irish Stout pays homage to this famous beer style and how they used to taste. The brewery’s flagship brand, O’Hara’s Irish Stout has a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends a tart bitterness to the dry espresso-like finish. This session-able stout beer is filled with rich complex coffee aromas mingled with light liquorice notes. The combination of traditional stout hops with an extra pinch of roast barley allows the beer to stay true to Irish tradition. 

O’Hara’s Irish Red Nitro

This Irish Red stands out in this beer style category. The malt body is as impressive as a bock, albeit in a uniquely Irish way. With an incredibly smooth malt body complimented by caramel tones and perfectly balanced in bitterness, this Irish Red is much more complex than its mainstream rivals.

O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale

A contemporary style IPA with an Irish twist. Combining the balance of European IPAs with the generous dry hopping of American pale ales, this beer is zesty and refreshingly bitter with a beautiful long finish. With a copper toned body topped with a lightly carbonated head, the dry hopping brings an intense aroma and lasting array of fruit and floral notes.

See full beer descriptions, info and details underneath.  

The Founder of Euroboozer, Martyn Railton, comments:

“We’ve been huge fans of the authentic O’Hara brews for many years so we’re incredibly proud to have these first three beers in our portfolio ahead of the summer.  The brewery has been a linchpin of the craft beer scene in Ireland and has built a formidable reputation for its quality approach to brewing. The Irish Pale is their best-selling beer in Ireland and the Stout is the brewery’s number one beer in export markets, closely followed by the Red, so we’re excited to see the reaction from the UK trade and consumers.”

Seamus O’Hara – Founder / CEO

“For us at O’Hara’s, it’s all about the passion for great beer. With Euroboozer we have found a kindred spirit to work with and are delighted to be added to their curated craft portfolio. We look forward to growing our presence across the UK market and sharing our award-winning styles with craft beer enthusiasts.”

About Euroboozer

Started from the back of an old VW Vento in 2003, Euroboozer was set up by beer lover Martyn Railton, initially importing Austrian brands Stiegl, Schremser and Hirter. The company soon branched out across the Atlantic to bring some of the finest US Craft Brewers to these shores. Twelve years on the VW Vento has gone to be replaced with offices and a warehouse in Hertfordshire. Euroboozer now supplies some of the finest food and beverage establishments in the country and their brands are mainstays in almost all of the UKs top Craft Beer Bars and Bottleshops.

For further information on the O’Hara beers or to stock, please contact the Euroboozer on 01923 263335 or visit




Editor’s Notes


O’Hara’s Irish Stout

Style: Traditional Dry Irish Stout

ABV: 4.3%

Plato: °10.75°

IBU: 40

Fermentation: Top fermentation

Availability: Keg (nitrogenated), Bottle 50cl and 33cl

Serving Temperature: 6-10°C.

Food Pairing: Excellent with seafood particularly shellfish and smoked salmon. Also pairs well with strong flavoured cheeses and dry cured meats such as Parma ham.

Trade price – 30l Keg – £83.37, 24x33cl bottle – £25.72, 12x50cl bottle – £22.33 + VAT


O’Hara’s Irish Red Nitro

Style: Traditional Red Ale

ABV: 4.3%

Plato: °10.75°

IBU: 25

Fermentation: Top fermentation

Availability: Keg (carbonated), Bottle 50cl and 33cl

Serving Temperature6-8°C

Food Pairing: Pairs well with baked and roasted main courses from the oven such as beef hotpot. Also excellent with winter soups. Delicious accompaniment to mature cheddar or soft goat cheeses.

Trade price – 30l Keg – £87.37 + VAT, 24x33cl bottle – £25.72 +VAT, 12x50cl bottle – £22.33 + VAT


O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale

Style: Contemporary Style IPA

ABV: 5.2%

Plato: °13.5°

IBU: 50

Fermentation: Top fermentation

Availability: Keg (carbonated), Bottle 50cl and 33cl

Serving Temperature: 6-8°C

Food Pairing: Works incredibly well alongside the BBQ, with spicy food and shellfish.

Trade price – 30l Keg – £92.71 + Vat,  24x33cl bottle – £28.04 + Vat  , 12x50cl bottle – £24.32 + Vat



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