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17th June 2024

Euros Pub Etiquette: How to enjoy this football season respectfully

The Euros kick off today, filling fans with football fever. But waste collection companies are less excited about the tonnes of litter likely to fill their bins (and spill out onto the streets).

At the last Euros there was a real own goal as nearly 30 tonnes of litter was collected from London’s streets. This year the number is expected to be even higher. And the further England progress in the tournament, the more waste the public will produce.

Poor pub etiquette is a big cause of extra waste during the Euros. To prevent as much littering and bad pub behaviour as possible, glass waste collection company want to share etiquette and environmental tips for fans during the tournament.

  1. Recycle Beer Bottles

The environmental impact of the Euros will be huge – more than 20 million glass bottles will be discarded in the first two weeks. Show some environmental responsibility by ensuring that every glass bottle and all plastic cups are thrown away in designated recycling bins, rather than being thrown in the air when England score. It makes the waste management processes more streamlined and effective, reducing contamination and the negative environmental impact.

  1. Respect the Pub and Staff

Pubs can become overwhelmed during big games. Show respect by acknowledging the hard work of the staff, who are there to enhance your experience. Keep walkways clear, handle glassware carefully to avoid breakages and waste glass, and be polite when addressing staff. Simple things like these can improve the atmosphere and efficiency during such busy times.

  1. Limit Your Noise Levels

Cheering for your team is a big part of watching a game, but make sure your enthusiasm doesn’t go overboard. Excessive shouting or boisterous behaviour can disrupt other fans enjoyment and become a strain on the pub. Control the volume and be aware of your surroundings! This way, everyone has a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Drink and Enjoy Responsibly

Current predictions estimate that during Euro 2024 more than 600 million pints of beer will be drunk, spilled, and thrown in the air. High alcohol consumption is common during the Euros, but again, balance is key. Pace your drinking and have a glass of water occasionally. It helps take care of your health and reduce the risk of a hangover, while also helping you remain in a better state to enjoy the game and get home safely.

  1. Respect Other Football Fans

Sports events can stir up intense emotions, especially if you see someone supporting the other team. When this happens, make sure to respect personal space and opinions, and avoid physical or verbal confrontation at all costs. Celebrate in a way that doesn’t encroach on anyone else’s enjoyment.

  1. Apologise Don’t Antagonise

It’s easy to get carried away when watching England and accidents can happen. When mishaps occur, make sure you offer a sincere apology. Any incident like accidental contact or spilling a drink, coupled with an apology, can diffuse potential conflicts. This reflects good character and respect for others, maintaining a cordial atmosphere even in tense situations.


Notes to Editor

About Business Waste: It’s an upper tier waste carrier, broker, and dealer, that covers business for all commercial waste needs. They are dedicated to supporting waste collections, legal advice, and helping reduce your environmental impact, all at highly competitive prices.

For more information contact Alexandra Neag, at


For more information contact Alexandra Neag, at

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