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27th February 2020

Exale Brewing the company behind the original Iron Brew Sour-Krankie, launch a new beer wine hybrid with Finnish winemakers Noita winery

We’ve added 10% welschriesling grape juice from Noita- Finlands first urban winery, to a soft Bohemian Pilsner made with noble hops and traditional Pilsner Malt to create a balance between clean, crisp & classic & the fruity depth & flavour from the complex Riesling Grape. At 5.5% has all the clean crisp drinkability of classic pilsner with a massive charge of dry fruity riesling.

On Thursday the 5th March 2020 from 5pm we will be previewing our new beer at our Walthamstow Taproom, prior to the official can launch on the 9th March. On the night expect to sample Ries and Shine fresh from from the tank, alongside natural wines on draft from Noita as well as some of their farmhouse & wine Hybrid beers that they make with Fiskars brewery, you’ll also have the chance to chat with Dan & Mark on what inspired this new release alongside Simon the brewer from Fiskars and the team from Noita Winery. We would love you to join us for the release at the taproom.

Exale brewing is the culmination of over 20 years experience in the burgeoning UK craft beer scene. Founders Mark Hislop & Daniel Price have filled every role imaginable in various award winning breweries and worked our way up with some of the UK beer scenes brightest & best. Our unique education in brewing inspired us to start brewing together in a 20ft shipping container with a mission to make the beers we wanted to create when we started home brewing all those years ago. Our unique style is based around forging balanced, complex beers inspired by the incredible ingredients around us every day from foraging in Epping forest to collaborating with local coffee roasters and chefs.


For more information, contact Steph Solley []