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21st March 2023

Exale Sour Series

This spring/summer will be all about flexing our brewing muscles and stretching your taste buds with a series of tongue bursting sours. We’ve been waiting for the weather to brighten up to release a sour, and whilst waiting we actually came up with three.

Following our quadruple win with SIBA this week, in which were awarded 4 regional keg beer awards, Gold for Oona (NEIPA) , Silver for Skoosh (Session IPA), Bronze for Zorc (Lager) and Krankie (Iron brew sour). We are excited to bring some new beers to our range that are fitting with the seasons.

First up is Bossa the brainchild of longtime brewer and top twerker, Bruno Credidio. Bossa is a blueberry and lychee sour. We were able to obtain the vivid colour on this one by channelling the spirit of Prince, and also adding Blue pea flower tea to the brew kettle. When added to water the tea changes the colour of the water to bright blue, but as the pH of the liquid goes down, the colour changes to purple (the lower the pH, the deeper the shade). As sour beers are acidic this, along with the blueberry puree and Lychees added to the fermenter, allowed us to obtain the vivid purple colour we wanted in the beer. Please also note all the wonderful Brazilian music on the playlist also provided by Bruno!

Secondly, Roots is our keg only collab with outstanding Latvian brewery- Labietis brewing, who have a beer list including whole hive mead, Juniper red ales and all sorts of amazing combinations of foraged fruits and fauna. We decided to go for a take on an old school British soft drink with a dandelion and burdock sour. A kind of Brittish root beer with dandelion and burdock roots from Epping Forest. This ancient drink is thought to have been brewed in the British isles since the middle ages and would have originally been a mead flavoured with root extracts. We wanted to pay tribute to this venerable beverage by putting our own unique twist on it and using a range of crystal malts to provide colour and a mild sweetness, then adding the foraged herbs towards the end of the boil. Pouring a dark brown with ruby highlights, expect notes of caramel, treacle, along with the sweet spice, herbal character, and mild tartness you’d expect from the classic drink.

Finally we’ve brought back an old favourite, Tropi. Our pineapple and mango sour, famed for its part in the Mailbomb sensation that really took off in our tap room for 3 weeks one summer. We miss mailbombs, so we’re bringing it back. It’s a tropical Gose made with Mangos, Pineapples and Himalayan pink salt. We first brewed this beer back in 2019 and have had so many requests to rebrew it since that we decided to bring it back for the summer months! This time we have doubled down on the mango and pineapple puree to create an even more juicy beer with just the right balance of sweetness and acidity with a slight saline kick at the end.

As part of the sour season we’ll have at least 3 sours on at our taproom all spring and summer, with some interesting additions including slushie tops, bubble tea beers and of course Mailbombs.

All beers are due to be released over the coming months, Bossa and Roots in April and Tropi in May. Images can be found here

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Press release from Exale Brewing.

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