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5th August 2021

Fauna Brewing – Beer Brewed with Purpose

New Beer Brand Raising Funds to Support African Wildlife Conservation

Fauna Brewing ( make great tasting beer and do great things with it. Fauna is a new craft beer brand inspired by, and created for, African wildlife. Each of Fauna’s beers is dedicated to an endangered species, partnering with three incredible small charities who work round-the-clock to protect the beautiful animals we all love.

With three beers in the launch range, choose from crisp, cool and refreshing Cheetah Lager (4.5% ABV), made with the finest British malts and classic noble hops, it’s bright and light with grassy citrus finish; try hoppy and juicy Wild Dog IPA (4.2% ABV) with flavours of tropical and stone fruit, it’s a refreshing pour, full of flavour from specially selected hops, including Amarillo and Rakau; for something lighter, there’s the small but mighty Pango Table Beer (2.8% ABV) – all the flavour, with half the alcohol! All of Fauna’s beers retail at £2.70 per 330ml can and all Fauna brews are suitable for vegans.

Founder Phil F Howard is almost as passionate about beer as he is about animals. Having studied Zoology at university, Phil went on to train to be a bush ranger in Botswana; Phil says of his inspiration, “The largest problem currently facing the world is climate change and species decline. We are facing the world’s sixth mass extinction, with over 100 species going extinct every day. This is a biodiversity crisis and action needs to be taken now. At our core, Fauna is a purpose driven brand. We believe everyone should strive to make a change no matter how big or small and we make it as easy as drinking a beer.”

By choosing Fauna, you can help fund conservation for a range of incredible charity partners, Phil has carefully hand-selected three incredible partners who are making a real difference to the conservation scene – the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Painted Dog Conservation and the African Pangolin Working Group.

Even at this early launch stage, the conservation work at the heart of the brand has already begun. Thanks to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (, Fauna has covered the cost for the support and care of two livestock guard dogs – these specially trained dogs are placed with local goat and sheep farmers, scaring away wild predators such as cheetahs – this in turn stops farmers from going out and hunting cheetahs, reducing the level of human-animal conflict by up to 90%.

Through the Painted Dog Conservation Fund (, Fauna has removed 45 life-threatening snares. Snares are a huge threat to many species, especially the painted dog, due to the vast amount of distance they cover per day. The fund has also commissioned local artists to create sculptures from the snare wires, turning something once incredibly negative into something extraordinary. Fauna has also funded 100km of anti-poaching patrols in the Zimbabwean wilderness in partnership with the Painted Dog Conservation Fund.

In addition, Fauna has funded a satellite tracker through the African Pangolin Working Group (, the tracker allows the re-introduced pangolin to be properly monitored so that its rehabilitation back into the wild is as successful as possible, as this exquisite species is one of the hardest to preserve.

Join the Fauna community, and make a change no matter how big or small – it can be as simple as drinking a beer – Fauna’s delicious new range is available now via the Fauna Brewing webshop



  • Cheetah Lager; 5% ABV; RRP £2.70 per 330ml; £24 for 12
  • Wild Dog IPA; 2% ABV; RRP £2.70 per 330ml; £24 for 12
  • Pango Table Beer; 8% ABV; RRP £2.70 per 330ml; £24 for 12
  • Variety Pack; £24 for 12x 330ml cans, that’s four cans of each Fauna Brew

Fauna Brewing Biography

Founder Phil F Howard has always been animal obsessed. In fact, there’s only one thing he loves as much as African wildlife – that’s beer! Phil’s passion for animals led him to study Zoology at university; he went on to go to the Okavango Delta, where he trained to be a bush guide. His time in Botswana made him even more aware of the dire situation we are in, and he became determined to help in whatever way he could.

After a long day in the bush, Phil was kicking back in a hammock, relaxing under the shelter of a mangosteen tree. He was listening to a local Botswanan talk about his homemade mangosteen-infused beers while he cracked into an icy cold brew. As he looked out over the bush, Phil was hit with a revelation – why not combine the two things he loves most – wildlife and beer! So, the seeds of Fauna were sown, and he returned to England with a plan. Phil became determined to make his vision a reality, and despite a hell of a lot of setbacks (not least creating a beer brand whilst UK pubs were closed!), Fauna was finally born!

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