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26th July 2019

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio celebrates its half-century!

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio is celebrating its fiftieth episode. The award-winning podcast – which is produced and presented by current British Beer Writer of the Year, Emma Inch – began in January 2016 as a monthly radio show on Brighton’s Radio Reverb. It was the first – and still only – regular beer show on FM radio in the UK. In January 2019, Fermentation left local radio and became a standalone podcast. It now releases a new episode every other Thursday.

Over the years, Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio has featured around 200 brewers, homebrewers, writers, sommeliers, hop-growers, maltsters and more, from all across the beer industry. The drinks educator, Jane Peyton, who was recently given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, is a regular contributor.

The podcast has covered topics including the future of cask ale, the growth of the alcohol-free sector and the benefits of beer tourism. The fiftieth episode is a beer and food special featuring Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster and author of ‘The Brewmaster’s Table’), Melissa Cole (author of ‘The Beer Kitchen’), Ian Colgan (Beer and Food Specialist at Guinness Brewery) and the Fermentation’s resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton.

Emma Inch said:

‘It’s such an exciting time to be involved in both the beer industry and the world of audio, and I’m very proud of what Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio has achieved. I love delivering beers to people’s ears every two weeks, and I already have big plans for the next 50 episodes!’

You can find Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Libsyn, and many other podcast providers. Subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode. You can find the links on the website:

For more information contact: Emma Inch or follow on Twitter @fermentradio.