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2nd August 2012


A survey undertaken by Wadworth the brewers has revealed a huge groundswell of support for their new 30 litre keg stout, Corvus. The results of the survey have also been backed up by sales figures which have been extremely good for the stout which was launched in the Spring.

Corvus offers a smooth pint with depth and character, at a price that comes in at considerably less to the publican and the customer than other traditional stout heavyweights. It is also available in a popular 30 litre keg format.

Wadworth Managed Houses saw sales of stout up 3% in June versus the year average, in what was a tough trading month. This was the first full month of sales for Corvus in Managed Houses, and due to the price benefits, pubs saw retail profits from stout rise 14% in the same month.

The survey was carried out in Wadworth pubs and the Visitor Centre, asking a number of questions to customers trying Corvus for the first time. The encouraging results revealed that 86% of all tasters would buy the stout again, and that 78% of stout drinkers considered it as good or better than Guinness.

“We are delighted with the success of Corvus which is starting to make a significant impact on our business and offers publicans a real alternative,” comments Wadworth Brand Manager Christine Evers. “We have some hard figures now to confirm what we believed was happening at the bar-face, and we can truly celebrate the launch of a stout which has wowed customers and publicans alike.”


How pubs have made the most of the sales opportunity offered by Corvus

Corvus is now available in over 100 pubs across the South West, and to the trade via Tolchards, Inn Express and Wadworth. Because the ale is priced competitively, publicans can pass the price benefit onto the customer, while also increasing their own profit margins. On average, pubs can sell a pint of Corvus 30p cheaper and still maintain a higher cash margin per pint than Guinness.


Other reasons why publicans choose Corvus

The popularity of Corvus with publicans has not all been due to the price advantages it offers. One of the stout’s great selling points is that it can be bought in a 30 litre format, which allows pubs with a low stout turnover to ensure that they are always providing a good quality, fresh product.


Undoubtedly, a huge part of the success of the beer has been due to its delicious taste. Corvus which takes its name from the Latin for Raven, offers beer drinkers an individual, distinctly smooth stout, with a roasted malt body and subtle bitterness. It is only available in the keg.


“It’s a stout with real character and depth, and we believe it offers some real individuality in the way of flavour,” explains Christine Evers.


“What’s more, it comes from Wadworth which is a brand people know they can rely on. We are a regional brewery with a national reputation which means we can be innovative and individual like a craft brewer, have the passion and adaptability of a micro-brewery, but also have the large scale infrastructure to provide quantity and consistency.”




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