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26th June 2020

Forest Road Brewing Co. partners with PubSVP for COVID-proofing their East London Taproom

For weeks without clear government guidance on hospitality reopening, founder of London’s Forest Road Brewing Company Pete Brown has yet again taken matters into his own hands.

“Max came down to the brewery and over a socially distant beer, we started talking about his new software ArtSVP that he created to take bookings and emails for art gallery openings.  That was the eureka moment – it was exactly what we needed to ensure that we could maintain safety when we reopened the taproom again.”

Max Mallows, who yesterday spoke to the BBC tech editor Rory Cellan-Jones, about how tech is often over complex and creates more problems than it solves said “Customers don’t want to have to give contact details just for a pint. If they have to, you need to make it as easy as possible.”

Shortly after their 2m beer, and after a couple hurried phone calls and emails, Brown and Mallows picked apart what was really necessary and the new software was developed in less than a week.

“We need to protect our patrons”, Brown said. “PubSVP is the perfect solution because there’s no data-harvesting, or downloading an app, which gives customers the confidence that their personal information is safe from landing the wrong hands”

With new guidelines making it mandatory for pubs, bars and restaurants to collect basic customer details for the purpose of contact tracing, it is important that the system they implement is simple and flexible enough to actually be used.

Unlike many systems that require the customer to download an app (potentially many apps) PUBSVP lets the business collect the details and manage the capacity of the venue using a simple booking system.

Customers can either make advanced bookings based on available capacity or simply scan a QR code at the establishment to add their basic details via a web page on any device. The system also allows staff to enter customers details quickly on a webpage for added flexibility.

PUBSVP securely stores the basic contact details of customers should a request for contact tracing be requested – the data is then deleted permanently after 21 days.

Pubs, bars and restaurants can find out more about PubSVP here:

Book a table at Forest Road Brewing Company’s East London Taproom from the 4th of July here:

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