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18th June 2020

Fourpure gives shoppers a ticket to ride with new world beer six-pack

Bermondsey-based brewery Fourpure Brewing Co. has released a mixed six-pack just in time for those Summer holidays at home, including five completely new beers inspired by ingredients and recipes from around the world.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, people’s ability to get out and explore has quite understandably been restricted. So, as a brand built on its founders’ passion for travel and adventure, Fourpure Brewing Co. is bringing the adventure to beer lovers, with a six-pack offering of globally inspired flavours. No passport required.

From the lively speakeasies of New Orleans, to the shores of Polynesia, Fourpure has sought to capture the essence of each location in each can, combining characteristically engaging artwork and of course, exceptionally brewed beer:

  • Jazz Age​, 7.4% ABV Espresso Martini Stout: Rich, indulgent and creamy, like the cocktail it’s based on, this Stout offers a bold malt profile, full body and plenty of chocolate and coffee.
  • Lantern​, 3.7% ABV Earl Grey SIPA: Transporting consumers to the far east, this beer marries full, oriental Earl Grey tea with the vibrant hop profile delivered by four unique American hop varieties. It’s a super juicy, tropical session beer, infused with fresh orange, lemon zest and finally, tea for a hint of bergamot and full-bodied black tea.
  • Castaway​, 8% ABV Mai Tai Double IPA: Waves of tropical fruits and citrus set the tone for a hop-forward Double IPA with an island paradise slant. Oats bring a creamy softness, which are layered with natural flavours of orange, almond and lime, and just a little brown sugar to truly reflect the tiki bar classic, the Mai Tai. Pace yourself and savour, you’re on island time now.
  • Carnival​, 4.5% ABV Coconut & Lime Sour: Creamy and refreshingly tart, five unique malts add body to this sour beer, with oats providing a creamy mouthfeel. A celebration of tropical flavours, coconut provides a sweetness, with 48 hours of kettle souring and 3kg of lime zest delivering a fresh, tangy finish.
  • Midsummer​, 5.5% ABV Pinot Noir Gose: This exciting collaboration beer with Noita Winery in Finland offers a light to medium body, with a soft malt base and light hop profile. The addition of Pinot Noir grapes means there’s plenty of fruit, with blackcurrant and strawberry delivering a jammy sweetness to balance the salt profile. Say goodbye to having to choose between white, rosé or beer on those warm summer evenings.
  • Cosmic Café​, 5.4% ABV Coffee Sour: Roasted malts provide a clean base upon which Fourpure has added fruity US hops, with some light dry hopping. The addition of coffee in fermentation and dry hop gives Cosmic Café’ a balanced, roasted bitterness, while kettle soured wort adds some zing  to create a smooth, lightly tart sour with a fresh coffee backbone.

Adrian Lugg, head of marketing at Fourpure Brewing Co., said: “Adventure is at the heart of what we do, so we’ve channeled our lockdown wanderlust into creating this exciting six-pack of beers. We took international inspiration to create some exciting flavour combinations and then spent a bit of time during lockdown looking at pictures of beaches and wineries and places we couldn’t go. The result is a set of beers that taste amazing and come together to create ‘No Passport Required’, a jet setting experience from the comfort of your home sofa or deck chair.”

Customers will also have the option to buy a t-shirt which has been released alongside the adventure pack. All profits from the t-shirt sales will be going to The Drinks Trust, a charity that the hospitality sector will rely on more than ever this year, providing vocational, financial and well-being support for those in the industry being affected by COVID-19.

Fourpure’s ‘No Passport Required’ six-pack will be available to pre-order from its e-shop from mid-June and on sale by early July. With more consumers now turning to online purchases, the business experienced a 6000% increase in online sales from February to April 2020.


For further product information, samples or high res imagery, please contact the press office on 020 7240 2444, or email

About Fourpure:

The Fourpure story is a simple but inspiring one – two brothers with a passion for travel and adventure, looking to share their experiences of good times, great beer and welcoming hospitality, at home in London. In 2012 Dan, an avid homebrewer and beer enthusiast, was looking to find an outlet for his craft, whilst brother Tom, travelling the West Coast of the U.S., was experiencing the open road and front line of the modern beer scene. Inspired by the daring and innovative methods adopted by modern breweries and a passion for flavour, Dan and Tom set up Fourpure in 2013 with the goal of sharing this passion, making good beer accessible and taking beer lovers on a journey to explore new tastes and flavours. For more information about the company and products visit