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30th October 2020

From Bob Jeffery: Stroud CAMRA GBG pubs offer over 150 cask ales over 3 months and 33 on first Sunday of CASK Ale Week

The Stroud District CAMRA group has carried out research into the range of cask ales available to customers over three months from July 4 to the end of CAMRA’s Cask Ale Week on October 4th, 2020. The sample includes the 8 pubs in the Good Beer Guide (GBG) 2020 for this District, the 3 new pubs in the 2021 GBG plus our recommendation for Club of the Year.

Cask Ale Week Facts for Stroud CAMRA Pubs:

  1. In the last three months 12 pubs in the Stroud District, which are either in this year’s CAMRA Good Beer Guide or in the 2021 Guide, have offered over 150 different ales to their customers.
  2. These ales have come from over 66 Breweries from over 30 counties, as far afield as Northern Ireland, the north of England, as well as Wales. (These figures will increase as we still need to include the Ale House’s data, although an estimate has been calculated of the range of ales they sold and included in the data).
  3. Research into the ales available on Sunday 27 September, shows that these pubs had 33 different ales available from 23 breweries from 16 counties. Seventeen of the breweries were from outside Gloucestershire.

This good news story is the result of at least three major factors:
1] the opening of the Ale House in 2012 which set a high standard for the range of ales available (usually 9), and the commitment of the other Public(an) Educators to ensure a continuous changing ale range available for its customers;
2] the commitment of at least two enthusiastic local Ale Distributors – The Good Beer Company and the Beer Agent, who source great ales from across the UK for our local pubs;
3] a very active Stroud CAMRA group SC Facebook. Is this an activity other sub branches might find useful to advertise the value of their pubs and cask ale.