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12th August 2022

Get a Taste of Brixton with Exclusive Promotion to Win One-of-a-Kind Mural from Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery is offering one pub the chance to win its own one-of-a-kind Brixton Brewery inspired mural this summer, worth up to £5,000. As a unique feature donning the pub’s chosen wall, the mural is set to draw positive attention in the local community, and raise awareness of Brixton Brewery, driving ROS. It will also provide a distinctive spot for guests to enjoy and share via social media.

Since the construction of their new brewery in 2018, Brixton Brewery’s beers are now served in nearly 2,000 outlets across the UK[1], and have grown tenfold[2]. Within the craft beer category for the on-trade, Brixton Brewery has the fastest growth rate of any major brewer[3], showcasing its consumer pull and loyalty for the brand.

The mural promotion offers an opportunity for the winning operator to take advantage of the brand’s growth and reputation, at a time when Brixton Brewery boasts 75% purchase intent nationwide[4]. As craft beer momentum continues, consumption accounts for 7.8% of total draught beer sales[5], so it is a prime time for operators to boost their offering and ensure they are meeting consumer demand.

The promotion will provide the winning pub with the chance to feature a unique piece of on-premise wall-art, which will help them stand out against the promotion. With social media acting as a key growth driver for outlets, having an eye-catching ‘Instagrammable’ spot in-outlet can influence consumer decisions on where to meet up with friends and enjoy a drink.

Jez Galaun, Brixton Brewery co-founder, said: “We’re incredibly proud of our artwork and mural collaborations to date, and are delighted to have the chance to bring Brixton to life in another venue. As a brewery, we’ve always been connected to our roots and are passionate about celebrating our heritage – wherever our winner may be, we can’t wait to offer them a real taste of Brixton. We are fortunate in experiencing the fastest rate of growth of any major craft brewer[6], but we still retain the authenticity of Brixton in everything we do, giving us a real point of difference as we share our culture with customers and consumers.”

Several outlets with existing murals have seen positive change from including artwork from Brixton Brewery. The Cambria in South London, which has a mural on its premises, has seen more walk-ins from passing traffic, as well as finding it helps the connection they have with Brixton Brewery: “It’s a real stand out feature and a continuous up seller of the Brixton Brewery products for us as a local community pub.”

The Hope and Anchor in Brixton features a wall mural too: “We’re super happy with our Brixton Brewery mural, it’s a bespoke design that really complements our outdoor space. It’s a great backdrop for customers to take pictures in front of, and they’ll also tag us in their posts, which is great promo for the pub. The Brixton Brewery mural hut is our most requested area for bookings!”

To enter the promotion, operators simply need to either have a Brixton Brewery variant installed in their outlet or install a variant for a minimum of a year, share their details, including pub or bar information, via email to for the chance to win. The promotion opens on 20th July and closes 15th August 2022. The winner receives a Brixton Brewery mural for their wall which is worth up to £5000, as well as a suite of POS, including bar mats & parasols.

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Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Press release from Cirkle.

For further information please contact the Brixton Brewery press office at or 01494 731750.