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30th July 2019

Gold for Harvey’s Low Alcohol Sussex Best

Harvey’s Brewery has been awarded Gold at the BBI Awards 2019 for its Low Alcohol Sussex Best in the Low Strength Ales abv 0.5% and below category. Their LA Old Ale received a third place diploma.

Harvey’s embarked upon a project to create a low alcohol versions of Sussex Best Bitter and Sussex Old Ale in 1988.

Of the various methods of production examined, ‘reverse osmosis’ appeared to be the simplest and most flexible option. When beer is pumped through the reverse osmosis modules at elevated pressure, water and alcohol pass through the membranes to the drain and are replaced by pure water, thereby maintaining the original volume of beer being processed. The product is continually recirculated until the alcohol has been reduced to below 0.5%. The high degree of selectivity provided by the membranes ensures that there is minimal loss of flavour, aroma and colour during the process.

Both Harvey’s LA beers have been available for over 30 years and have won numerous awards during that time. This latest accolade comes at a time when many other brewers have entered the market amidst growing public interest in this sector.


Further information:

Miles Jenner, Head Brewer & Joint Managing Director