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1st October 2020


Gosnells of Peckham, London’s only meadery, has launched a crowd-fund campaign to kick-start its new small-batch mead subscription service.

Called ‘JOIN THE HIVE’, the funds will be used to create a new micro canning line, so as to share the excitement and gestation of Gosnells experimental brews with subscribers.

Says Founder Tom Gosnell:

“We already have funding for our bigger projects and for all our export initiatives around the world; but the success of our 5 meads-in-can, which we launched last autumn, has shown us that cans are the way ahead. We want to use this new ‘JOIN THE HIVE’ programme to create a hub at Gosnells for bee, honey and mead enthusiasts – so as to explore the potential of mead together, and really showcase what can be achieved.”

The new small batch canned range builds on Gosnells’ Mead of the Month bottles, which head brewer Will Grubbelnik says:

“Each month we’ve been taking a different honey and making a special mead from it. These honeys are either from a single hive, single beekeeper or just from one flower (mono-floral). By translating this into cans, they’ll be more accessible, allowing us to spread the gospel of mead far and wide.”

As a member of The Hive, subscribers will receive 4 cans of mead each month of the experimental brews, which they may well have helped to inspire, plus benefits depending on their level of subscription. The crowd-funder offers an opportunity to get in on the ground floor before the programme launches in time for Christmas.

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