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6th August 2021

Gosnells: Float like a Bumblebee in Peckham

Team GOSNELLS took to the wing in July to celebrate the success of its urban mead garden.

Planted in May, the mix of sunflowers, thyme, rosemary, lavender and wildflowers offers an unexpected food source for urban pollinators: But it works. are winging it.

“A city’s industrial estate seems an odd place for a love affair with pollinators”, says Tom Gosnell; “but it’s amazing how Peckham’s bumblebees, solitary bees, beetles and honey bees have found us.  It shows the massive potential for all of us urbanites to add our own bit of nature to our towns and cities. It’s exciting how many herbs, flowers and nectar rich plants can be housed in window boxes, up walls or on roofs and gardens.”

To celebrate the pollinatorical success of its new mead garden, Gosnells will be giving away a free can of Gosnells Hibiscus, Sour, Hopped or Citra Sea, available in the garden, to the first 100 enthusiasts to sign up for its newsletter. The Bar in the mead garden, which opens on Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings, has seen over 5000 mead fanciers sampling its rolling list of fourteen meads and mead cocktails.

Continues Tom:

“Our biggest seller has been our Gosnells Classic 5.5% mead, with our 4% abv Sour Mead in second place and our pink Hibiscus mead (also 4%) in third. But it has also been good to see so many mead virgins braving the new world of our Meaderitas (Tequila blanco, Gosnell Citra Sea, lime) and Meadacoladas (white rum, Gosnells Original, coconut, pineapple juice). Our frozen mead cocktails have been no slouch either.”

“We will be having a party in the mead garden in early September to celebrate the beauty of the sunflower plants we have distributed around Peckham. They have been adopted by churches, shops, community spaces, restaurants and butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (well, almost); so we look forward to a flurry of bombus bombus* and all their cousins in Peckham by autumn.”



Press release from R&R Drinkers on behalf of Gosnells

For more info, contact Rupert Ponsonby | 020 7384 1333 Aug 5th 2021