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15th October 2021


Gosnells of Peckham has taken its winter drinks offering to new heights with the launch of a 5 litre and a 10 litre bag-in-box of exotically spiced mulled mead.

Gosnells will be selling the boxes in 5 litre boxes for retail at £30, with free UK mainland delivery; or in 10 litre containers at £45 for parties – or for the growing numbers of pubs and bars intrigued by the potential of mead.

Gosnells Head Meaderer, Will Grubelnik comments:

“As Christmas is in summer in Australia, I’m pretty new to mulling; and people tell me that mulled wine is hard to get right consistently as the character of the red wine can vary from thin and weedy, to gargantuan Shiraz and Malbecs. So the amount of sugar, spices, orange peel or sweet liqueurs varies loads every time.

“Mead is more fortunate than red wine as it has complex sugars from the honeys with natural balance, and it has a breadth to its flavour profile which is useful in mulling. Mead also loves spices. So what we have produced for 2021 is a recipe made of very floral wildflower honey, with zero added sugars. We have drastically cut back on our use of cinnamon, as we found in the past that it took the edge off the brilliance of all the other spices. We have then added bitter orange peel, juniper, fresh cloves, nutmeg, star anise and green cardamom to our new recipe. The result is a mulled mead which can be served as it is, or pimped to please individual palates with the likes of rum, pomegranate molasses, apple juice or tequila, or served cold on ice.”

Tom Gosnell adds: “We sold Gosnells Mead in cans in 2020 and had great response from so many stay-at-home experimenters; but we thought that we should be more about party-time in Xmas 2021, and the bigger format seem to have hit the spot!”


Press release from Gosnells Mead

For more information contact Rupert Ponsonby | 020 7384 1333

October 14th 2021