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26th April 2021


Gosnells’ vibrant new mead garden has burst to life.

The bee-friendly Garden and Mead Bar in uptown Peckham is already buzzing with 14 different meads, 3 on draught, 5 in bottle and 6 in cans.

All of the meads are sparkling, and gluten free.

Since it opened on April 15th, the bar has quadrupled its pre-Covid visitor numbers.

Founder Tom Gosnell comments: “Our biggest sellers in our new garden have been our draft meads: The fruit Sour and the pink Hibiscus have flown, and our specials such as this week’s Peach Iced Tea mead seem to be inspiring new interest in this glorious thing, mead.”

“We are also about to start our legendary Frozen cocktails, which should include our Meadacoladas (rum). Meaderitas (tequila) and much more. Our meads love wrapping their arms around spirits, whether it is vodka, gin, whisky, tequila or rum – and our collab last year with Peckham’s Kanpai has opened the door to Sake as well.”

The Mead Garden will also be serving a House White and a House Red – both meads:

The House White will be 11%, a Chardonnay-style of mead using Chardonnay yeast, barrel fermented in an ex White Burgundy Barrel and aged on its lees for 3-4 months.

The House Red will also be 11% abv, a Pinot Noir-style of mead, aged with dried blue raisins, blackberry, white sultanas and red grape must, using rum barrel staves as a titillation to add some more tannic structure.

Gosnells Mead Garden’s three draught meads include:

  • HOPPED MEAD, 5.5% – Drier in style than the norm, and dry-hopped with Cascade for a zesty take on crafty beers.
  • FRUIT SOUR, 5.5% – Tarter and drier than Gosnells 4% canned sour, lambic style, barrel aged, with a finale of passionfruit and raspberry.
  • SPECIALS, 4% – The Experimental tap; currently Peach iced tea, then Piñacolada, then who knows what?
  • SAISON MEAD, 5.5% – Using elderflower, lemon balm and hops, then barrel fermented.

The Mead Garden will also be offering a rotating cast of Gosnells famous single origin and monofloral meads. The range at the moment includes Gosnells Eucalyptus Mead 7%, Borage mead 6%, and Gosnells Classic 5.5% abv, served by the bottle or glass, plus their 12% barrel-aged, caramelised honey Bochet by the glass.

Gosnells four canned 4%abv meads: Hopped, Citra Sea, Sour and Hibiscus, plus examples of experimental and single origin ranges are all on offer.

Opening hours:

Friday 5pm-10pm

Saturday 1pm – 10pm

Gosnells Address is Unit 2, Print Village, Chadwick Road, SE15 4PU 

Press release from R&R on behalf of Gosnell’s

For further information contact Rupert Ponsonby on 020 7384 1333 / 07785 733 220