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23rd November 2020


Gosnells of Peckham has created 4 exotically different Mead Tasting Bundles for Xmas:

The first three will centre on a trio of 75cl mead experiences:

  • Vintage Selection Meads (2018, 2019 & 2020 Vintages, all 12% abv)
  • Monofloral Meads (Borage 6%, Acacia 7,5% and Eucalyptus 7%), with mini pots of each flower honey.
  • Single Origin Meads (Hackney 9%, Yorkshire 10.5%, Lea Bridge Road 7.5%), again with mini pots of each honey.

Says Tom Gosnell, founder of London’s only meadery: “It just seemed a chance to demonstrate what different honeys, and our clever meaderer Will, can do”.

The Gosnells Vintage meads are really close to our hearts. Each year we take honey from the same London hives and make a mead from it. This is the first time that we have ever sold a vertical of vintages and it’s amazing to see the evolving terroir of the city through the mead. These Vintage meads should really hit the spot with wine or whisky lovers. There is a special online tasting, led by Will and Tom via a pre-recorded video, which will highlight each mead, the brewing process, and the foods that can accompany them.

 Our Gosnells Monoflora meads (ie: based on one flower species) should be of real interest to those who love perfume, aromatic wines or flowers; and it may surprise buyers as to how the aromas of the individual flowers translate so closely to the honey and the meads. Even the fermentation process does not dull that association. The Acacia Mead 7.5% has a sweet creamy body with melon, white flesh peach and a warm finish. The English Borage Mead 6.0% abv has flavours of melon, white stone fruit, pear drops & provincial herbs. And the Eucalyptus Mead 7.0% abv has a robust honey aroma with notes of wattle, banana bread, mango, mandarin, cucumber & maize. 

Our Gosnells Single Origin meads show how the location of a hive can make such a difference to its flavour. As farmers change their crops every year, those honeys and their nectar source change annually. But urban hives draw more nectar from trees (a considerable source of nectar) and stay more consistent year by year. Gosnells Single Origin Meads reflect the ‘terroir’ of the honeys and of the plants, shrubs and trees which grow in each area. The heather of Yorkshire moors; or the hedgerows, brambles and woodland of the Hackney marshes and the Lea Bridge Road. These three meads are brewed a little stronger than our core canned meads to showcase the depth and complexity of the honey.

Gosnells ‘Single Origin’ Hackney Gold 9% abv has flavours of mandarin, bananas and peach with bitter herbs: Gosnells English Heather Mead from Yorkshire 10.5% abv has a distinctly unctuous, earthy flavour with boiled sweets, butterscotch,  marzipan & orange peel and a herbal finish. The honey used to make this mead has an amazingly high protein content from the heather, which stays in suspension, so we recommend chilling & lightly roll before serving. Gosnells Lea Bridge Road 7.5% has complex floral aromas reminiscent of sweet Williams pear and a developed tannin structure.

“Gosnells ‘The Bees Knees Selection’, which is already selling well for Company and Family get togethers, is Gosnells 4th Bundle, and for those who want to taste what a wide range of fruits, hops or spices can do to honey. It will include seven startlingly different meads, four in 33cl cans and three in 150ml bottles. This will include Gosnells four brightly coloured 4% abv cans of Citra Sea Mead, Hibiscus Mead, Hopped Mead and Sour Mead; and 150ml bottles of barrel fermented plum mead 12%abv, barrel fermented mango & chilli mead 12%abv, and a pineapple Kveik mead 12%abv (ie: using Norwegian farmhouse yeast) with 2 pots of the honeys from which the meads are made.


All prices include p+p, available from


Press release from R&R Teamwork on behalf of Gosnells Mead

For more information contact Rupert Ponsonby or Natasha Najm on 0207 384 1333