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6th November 2023

Gosnells of London announces £500k fundraise, with over 50% of funds already committed by existing shareholders

Gosnells revenue has more than doubled over the last 12 months and as such is thrilled to announce a new equity fundraise. This initiative is aimed at building on this momentum, as they aspire to redefine the landscape of Cider in the UK.

Gosnells’ origins have been in mead, but their take on the category has always been much more contemporary and cutting edge, and a world away from tradition. For this reason, they’ve recently dubbed their 4% sparkling honey-based products as ‘Nectars’. These Nectars are a bit like Cider. They’re fizzy, alcoholic, gluten-free, come in lots of different flavours and available on draught and in eye-catching 440ml cans.

However, unlike cider, these Nectars are made with the highest quality Blossom honey, ensuring Gosnells meet the needs of modern, discerning drinkers who are increasingly prioritising health, authenticity and sustainability when choosing brands.

Commenting on the huge opportunity to disrupt the UK cider market, Founder Tom Gosnell comments:

“The £3bn UK Cider category is stagnant and lacks the innovation and premiumisation seen in other alcohol categories. Mass-produced ciders are often laden with refined sugars and synthetic additives which are out of step with the contemporary consumer’s desires. Gosnells range of honey-based Nectars fill this void, with an innovative range of delectable, low-sugar, gluten-free beverages that don’t compromise on flavour and are available on draught, just like beer and cider.”

With over 50% of the Fundraise target already committed by existing shareholders, Gosnells will use the money raised to expand their success in the On-Trade, where they are already on sale in leading venues like Daisy Green, Cubitt House, Drake & Morgan and Brewdog, plus many leading independent pubs, bars and restaurants across London. Additionally, a search is underway for a 2nd Gosnells bar, to build on the huge success of their inaugural venue in Bermondsey.

About Gosnells

Steering clear of additives and refined sugars, Gosnells is dedicated to crafting innovative, planet-friendly beverages from 100% Natural ingredients and always from high quality Blossom honey. At the same time, they have been championing the cause of those pollinators vital to the ecosystem. Gosnells actively combats the adverse effects of industrial farming, especially on bees, by promoting pollinator-friendly habitats and opposing harmful pesticides prevalent in many mass-produced ciders.

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For further information contact Rupert Ponsonby on 020 7384 1333 07785733220

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