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25th March 2020

GOSNELLS Online MEAD Tastings Set To Fly

Gosnells, Peckham’s mead evangelists, have introduced two on-line tasting formats to provide entertainment for anyone wanting to feel connected. 

“Every Friday at 5pm”, says founder Tom Gosnell, “we will be running an on-line tasting session for ‘Individuals’ interested in trying something different, and craving a bit of fun. Mead-makers Will, James or myself will take them through four of the six meads which are part of their Bundle, from our barrel-aged mead at 12%, to one of our new exotic canned meads at 4%, or our brand new kombucha-style ‘LOW ALC’ at 0.5%abv.

“We are also running an online tasting format for ‘Groups’. We’ve been overwhelmed with the reaction so far and have already had orders from Corporates, families and groups who want to keep in touch. Few people know anything about mead, so everyone will be on a level playing field; but it is a playing field rich in the aromas of all the different flowers, shrubs and trees from which honey bees draw their nectar. It is this nectar which helps define the individual flavours of our meads.

  1. The ‘GOSNELLS GROUP’ tasting bundle is an interactive live tasting experience for private group sessions (around 10 people @ £25pp), booked at a time to suit, and with guests joining a Google Hangout, ideally for an hour. Each attendee will be shipped their own Tasting Bundle. Corporate clients are already booking up as a way to share the usual Friday evening office banter and wind-downs, that are currently missing from the end of the working week. Gosnells have also had interest from family bookings, and they’re even hosting a birthday party. The bundle will include one can each of Gosnells Sour, Citra Sea, Hopped, Pink Hibiscus rosé – all at 4% abv; a can of Gosnells revolutionary 0,5% abv LOW ALC; and a 150ml bottle of Gosnells 12%abv ‘Barrel Aged Mead’.

  1. The ‘GOSNELLS INDIVIDUAL’ tasting bundle (every Friday via IGTV at 5pm @ £30 pp) is again an interactive tasting experience, but this time for individuals to enjoy a shared experience. It is for anyone feeling out on a limb and in need of conversation and something excitingly new – available to individuals anywhere in mainland Britain. The extended bundle will include the same six meads, but with a 41ml pot of Orange blossom honey, a pot of European blossom honey, a Gosnells Wildflower Seed Bomb, a free drink at the Gosnells bar (when re-opened) and 10% off their next website purchase. One of the Gosnells team will be live on Instagram every Friday at 5pm, to take drinkers through a selection of meads and answer questions.

Gosnells are also looking to create a Gosnells ‘roulette-style’ offering whereby they will pair individuals randomly to another taster.

Founder Tom Gosnell comments:

“I’m so excited about this new concept. We wanted to add a bit of happiness and fun into people’s lives: Why?

  • Workmates can no longer socialise together like they used to
  • Families and friends are separated and
  • Chance encounters through social meeting apps are but distant memories

“Mead is a virtual unknown for many people, and this makes it a natural talking point. In wine or beer, there is always someone who pretends to know lots, and makes you feel uncomfortable. But no-one knows much about mead, and that’s our job – to show you ‘what bees of all nationalities and postcodes can do.”

Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Traditionally, many were 10-12% in strength. But Gosnells have developed a much more thought-provoking and modern range, befitting of their Peckham heritage.  Delivery is normally in two days in mainland Britain.


For further information, contact: Natasha Najm,