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22nd March 2017

Greece’s first International Beer Conference a huge success

Guild chairman Tim Hampson (far right) and Board director Frances Brace (far left) at the International Beer Conference in Greece

Greece hosted its first ever International Beer Conference earlier this month. Held in Athens and organised by BeerBartender, the  conference aimed to provide a forum for the brewing industry to exchange views, dialogue and proposals about a raft of issues including legal, technology, advertising and promotion of breweries and beers.

BeerBartender was founded by Guild of Beer Writers member Nicola Radisis. Participants in the Conference included Guild Chairman Tim Hampson and board director Frances Brace, as well as Helmut Adam, organiser of Bar Convent Berlin and BrewBerlin, and beer journalist and organiser of the Berlin Beer Week Mr. Dirk Hoplitschek, who has recently joined the Guild.

Speakers from outside Greece were joined by Sofoklis Panagiotou (Founder of Septem Microbrewery), Konstantinos Agouridas (Brewer at Olympic Brewery) and Christos Dimtsoudis (Head Director of Macedonia Thrace Brewery).

Delegates returned from the International Beer Conference with a deeper understanding of the Greek brewing scene. Tim Hampson said, “Congratulations to Nicola and his team for organising this splendid event.  It was a delight to be part of something new and exciting, and to meet so many professionals from the Greek brewing scene.”

BeerBartender aims to make the International Beer Conference a communications centre for everything to do with beer and brewing in southeastern Europe, and are already making plans for the next event.

The International Beer Conference was held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, the Hellenic Brewers Association, the Municipality of Maroussi and the British Guild of Beer Writers.

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More Information:

About BeerBartender: BeerBartender is known primarily for its passion with beer.  It was founded by Nicola Radisis in 2012 and since then it has been devoted to promoting the culture of beer in Greece and at the same time supporting Greek beer labels beyond the Greek borders. The BeerBartender team is made up of people who closely follow the developments in the brewing and gastronomy field.  BeerBartender collaborates with all Greek breweries and maintains excellent contacts with agencies and beer communities in Great Britain. Germany and Cyprus. In 2014, BeerBartender found BeerLab, the first place dedicated to beer in Athens.

For any further question or information regarding the event or the company, please contact Ms Danae Margaritidi at: phone: +30 213-0370837