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17th January 2024

Green Light Goes Vegan

Powderkeg Brewery Cans go 100% vegan and gluten-free

In the spirit of perfectionism that defines Powderkeg Brewery, we can announce a update to one of our flagship beers. In the heart of ‘Damp January,’ Powderkeg introduces the refreshed Green Light, now proudly vegan.

Green Light is a low alcohol beer that delivers big on flavour at just 1.0% ABV. Until now the beer was vegetarian rather than vegan, due to the addition of lactose to the recipe. Lactose is often used to add mouthfeel to beers in lieu of the body that full-alcohol brewing normally provides. However the rest of our core range is vegan, as well as gluten-free, and we wanted to bring Green Light in line.

Damp January?
In a world that often embraces extremes, ‘Damp January’ rebels against the puritanical constraints of ‘Dry January’, offering a more nuanced approach to the start of the year.
As the approach gains momentum, signifying a shift towards mindful drinking habits without entirely forgoing alcohol, Green Light, as a high-quality, conscious choice, is the epitome of the trend.
People crave balance and choice, especially during the challenges of January. Whether you like to start the year damp, moist or wet, Green Light is your perfect companion — a true oasis in the desert, shining brightly in the winter gloom.

About Green Light Beer
Brewed using a full mash of seven different malts, late kettle-hopped and then dry-hopped for a stunning tropical and citrus fruit finish, everything about the brewing process is designed with the mantra that only more good ingredients go in, rather than the big-industry practice of brewing a weak beer and then stripping the alcohol out, along with most of the flavour.
The result is a premium, refreshing, modern craft beer with all the hallmarks of quality you expect from PK. The fact that it is low alcohol, low in calories, gluten-free and vegan is just an added bonus, but one that makes this truly an ‘anytime for anyone’ beer – a pint of freedom with all the flavour and no repercussions.

Powderkeg Brewery
Powderkeg is a microbrewery in Devon, a family run business established in 2014. The masters of session craft, PK take inspiration from big and bold American craft beers and the refinement of European brewing, and bring it into balance in a unique modern way.

Green Light Awards to date

2023        SIBA SW            Bronze            Non-alcoholic and low ABV in keg
2022        SIBA SW            Bronze            Non-alcoholic and low ABV in keg
2021        European Beer Challenge    Gold            Best low alcohol pale ale
2021        Food Drink Devon        Gold
2020        Food Drink Devon        Winner        Food & Drink Product Of The Year
2019        World Beer Awards        Gold            Low alcohol pale ale
2019        World Beer Awards        Winner        Best low-alcohol pale UK

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