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5th October 2023

Gritchie Brewing Company unveils new Brewer’s Lore beers

Gritchie Brewing Company to release four new beers into their Brewer’s Lore range to showcase the brewery’s creative side.

Gritchie Brewing Company is proud to announce the exciting launch of four new beers into its Brewer’s Lore range, available nationally to trade (direct or through Sellar) and the general public (online) from Tuesday 10th October.

Brewed in limited edition batches, the Brewer’s Lore range draws from the loric traditions of England and is an ode to creativity through brewing time-honoured and modern beer styles.  These beers, accompanied by their celestial counterparts, embody the connection between communal gatherings, where flavours are savoured, or moments of solitary contemplation nursing a delicious glass of ale.

The artwork for the Brewer’s Lore range, beautifully illustrated by We Are Beard, draws upon themes of folklore and religious iconography, in keeping with the brewery brand and the deep interest in loric tradition held by brewery owner and acclaimed screenwriter, producer and director, Guy Ritchie.

Speaking about the concept, Ritchie says,

‘There’s an unseen positive force that animates everything that you see, and I’m unqualified to articulate exactly what that is, but it’s there. I think you need to be subservient, and respectful of that, and everything manifests itself in that sense.

There’s no reason why the pub shouldn’t be a church as much as the church should be a church. It’s a recognition that the genesis of all things interesting is concealed.  Whether it’s music, art, beer or alcohol, there is a correlation; you’re sort of dancing between two worlds.

There is something of a tradition within the brewery and within the branding of [the thing that is] concealed; something that is more powerful than that which is revealed. I think ultimately is what it comes down to.’

Just as the Archangels symbolise the united elements of fire, air, water and earth in perfect harmony, ‘ if you can balance those four’, says Ritchie, ‘then you have the perfect manifestation on earth; the principle [also] being if you can get that right in beer, you end up with the perfect beer!’

Head Brewer, Kane Upton, formerly of Edinburgh Beer Factory, and Lead Brewer, Barney Cox, spearheaded the project, brewing the new beers on the 20HL steam-powered brewhouse situated on the Ashcombe Estate, which spills over the rolling hills of the Wiltshire and Dorset countryside.

Lead Brewer, Barney Cox, says, ‘It’s been exciting to try out new ideas and push our brew kit to see what we can do here in the brewery, mixing some traditional ideas with new techniques. We’re happy with the outcomes and look forward to what we can continue to do in the future.’

The new beers in the Brewer’s Lore range include:

Pastry Sour · Key Lime Pie · 6.0% ABV

In the spirit of Archangel Gabriel’s courage, our Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour emboldens you to explore new, exciting flavour combinations.  Made with a base of speciality malts and digestive biscuits, and wonderfully layered with lime, this Pastry Sour is tart and fruity with undertones of silky sweetness.

Ruby ESB · Extra Special Bitter · 5.5% ABV

With the nurturing essence of Archangel Raphael, our Ruby ESB embodies the virtue of deep thought.  Crafted with care and attention, it radiates a warm and inviting character, bringing people together over toasted flavours with deep caramel and toffee notes, emanating a rustic red hue; the kind of beer for the unwavering bond of friendship in your favourite pub.

Three Hop NEIPA · Rakau, Kohatu, Vista · ALC 6.5% VOL

Just as the mighty Archangel Michael represents strength, our Three Hop NEIPA symbolises the bold aroma and flavour of New World hops. Crafted with precision and passion, this beer showcases the perfect balance of Rakau, Kohatu and Vista hops, yielding a bold and robust flavour profile that fortifies the spirit.

Dulce De Leche Stout · Imperial Stout · 8.0%

Like the wise Archangel Uriel, our Imperial Stout is liquid wisdom.  This beer invites you to savour the complex interplay of flavours, offering a harmonious blend of speciality malts that enlighten the palate and create moments of profound insight.  This lofty beer, with a subtle smokiness and roasted flavour, is for savouring and considering.

Gritchie Brewing Company’s Brewer’s Lore range is a testament to the artistry of brewing and the power of friendship.  The staff came together to discuss what beers we’d like to make.’ says Kane Upton, Head Brewer.  ‘This really is a whole team effort – from Sally who takes care of our accounts, through to Josh who delivers the beer along the South coast and up to London; we all had input and decided together’.

Join us in raising a glass to the Brewer’s Lore range, where every sip tells a story and every moment shared is a tribute to the virtues that enrich our lives.  Discover these limited-edition treasures at select craft beer retailers and enjoy the journey of flavours and friendship they bring.

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For more samples, further information and interview requests, please contact:

Nick Law

Creative Director of Hop Forward On behalf of Gritchie Brewing Company

+44(0)7881 995604

About Gritchie Brewing Company:

Gritchie Brewing Company is a ‘beer farm’ located on the Ashcombe Estate near Shaftesbury.  Drawing from the land that surrounds the farm, their 20BBL brewhouse sits within rustic stone-built barns, overlooking expansive fields where their own Maris Otter barley is grown for malting and beer production.

The fermenters sit side by side representing the angelic and human virtues of poetic simplicity, harmony and peace, deep thought, warmth and companionship, and interconnectedness; virtues that bind us together as we share in the time-honoured tradition of enjoying beer in good company.

Gritchie’s story harks back to the first fermentation when the guardian angels gathered over a clay vat and proclaimed, ’It is good’.  Their beer isn’t pretentious; it’s made for conversation in a pub, connection around a fire and companionship around a table.

Gritchie beer is best enjoyed from the comfort of Guy Ritchie’s Fitzrovia pub, Lore of the Land, in London, or at Compton Abbas Airfield, Gritchie’s taproom and eatery located just outside Shaftesbury.  Facebook | Instagram | Untappd | Twitter

Press Contact:

Nick Law

Creative Director of Hop Forward

On behalf of Gritchie Brewing Company



Tel. +44(0)7881 995604


Brewery Contact:

Nick Brown

Gritchie Brewing Co. Business Manager


For more samples, further information and interview requests, please contact:

Nick Law

Creative Director of Hop Forward On behalf of Gritchie Brewing Company

+44(0)7881 995604

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