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8th February 2024

Guild Member Invite: Sunken Knave – Brewery Launch Invite

You have been invited to attend the launch of Henry Kirk’s brewery Sunken Knave

Location: The Evening Star – 55-56 Surrey Street, Brighton. BN1 3PB –

Time: from 6pm on the 22nd of February 2024

Details: During the evening Henry Kirk will guide you through the tasting of Sunken Knave’s first beer “Mumping Ale” as well as his first two collaborations “Overboard” with Elusive Brewing and “Young Red” with Simple Thing Fermentation. He will also talk about the brewery and his plans for the future.

To RSVP for the event or for any press and interview inquiry, please contact

About Sunken Knave 

It’s in Sussex 20 years ago when Henry Kirk was studying English literature at University that he came across his first ales, planting the seeds of his future career and his love for Sussex.

After ditching a job in retail for brewing, Henry embraced his impressive career working for Joseph Holts in Manchester, Harvey’s in Lewes, Fullers in London, and then Dark Star.

His passion for historical breweries and their tradition really started then, when he was able to plunge himself into Fullers old brewing books, recreating old recipe like 1914’s Strong X mild, 1909’s Pale ale, and the famous Prize Old Ale.

About his career in brewing Henry said “With my great good fortune, I have been able to encounter wonderful old styles of British beer recreated in the modern age, those flavours inspire me and I now want to specialises in the symphonies of malt, hops and yeast that these beers represent where no particular part overshadows the others”

With Sunken Knave Henry Kirk recreates traditional British Ales with the ambition of bringing classic English styles to the same level of esteem as Belgian ales.

His “Traditional Worthing Ales” are a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, inspired by the history of Sussex. Each Beers is an homage to the perseverance of Worthing’s knaves and smugglers. Inspired by the beauty of their legends, by the waves washing up the coast, and the bells ringing through the storm.


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To RSVP for the event or for any press and interview inquiry, please contact