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21st August 2023

Hammerton to launch Nitro Dry Stout in can using widget technology

Next week award winning North London based Hammerton Brewery release their popular core range Nitro Stout favourite TINT in cans using Widget technology. Last year Hammerton released their Nitro Dry Stout on draught and it quickly became their biggest selling stout and moved into their core range.

Since that time they have heavily invested in research and development to expand their knowledge and capabilities with Nitrogen technology by investing in a liquid nitrogen tank and nitrogen doser for their canning line and have been carrying out R&D using widget cans for the last 12 months. They are now believed to be the first English brewery to can a Stout using widget cans.

What are widget cans?

They are normal cans that have a small plastic cap at the bottom of the can, during the canning process, minute drops of liquid nitrogen at -195C is added to the filled cans, which trickles into a hole in the widget. Once opened, the widget’s releases the nitrogen into the beer to give the cascade effect of the tiny nitrogen bubbles rising to form a thick creamy head and velvety texture.

Co founder Lee Hammerton said:

“Myself and our brewers, have always enjoyed being innovative and trying new and challenging projects when it comes to brewing beer. Due to the popularity of TINT, our Nitro stout and a long term ambition to be able to produce a Nitro Beer in can using Widget technology we decided that we would try and achieve the ambitious task of being able to put our much loved dry stout in widget cans. Its been the most challenging project for us to date, but myself and our brewers are really happy with the results and the fact that our creamy, rich smooth and velvety stout can now be enjoyed at home the same way it would be drinking it from the tap in the pub. “

After a successful pre-release event at London Craft Beer Festival on Friday 11th August , they are now ready to release the widget cans. The big release of TINT in cans will be taking place at 25+ sites across the UK from London to Liverpool on Friday 25th August, with participating sites offering a free can of TINT to the first 20 customers who order a pint of the black stuff at the bar from 6pm. TINT will be available to the rest of trade following the launch night on Friday 25th August.





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