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26th February 2018

Harvey’s Brewery featured in new film

Harvey’s Brewery makes an appearance as a setting for a new film, ‘The Terrible Tale of Henrietta Tate’ from London based director Tom Beckwith.

Click here to view a short trailer of the film, featuring scenes from the brewery in Lewes, as well as on board a train on the nearby Bluebell Railway.

Enslaved by her captors and battling with amnesia, the film’s heroine, Bubble Girl, a corporate mascot to a popular drink, is wrongfully imprisoned for theft on a train journey. Thrown into the prisoner’s car, her memory begins to return, and the terrible truth of her past is revealed with spectacular consequences.

Director Tom Beckwith said, “Fairy tales and folklore have always dealt with transformation and metamorphosis. In many cases, the hero or heroine is trapped, and awoken by love. This is the case for Henrietta Tate, but her prison is Bubble Girl, her captors are corporate greed. What ultimately saves her from this trap is love.

“I wanted to explore these themes in a modern context, without losing sight of folk-­lore tradition. In production we described it as a modern silent film, mixed with fantasy, scored operatically throughout, and with characters who are neither human nor cartoon, but somewhere in between.”

About the Director

Tom is a writer / director based in London. After graduating with a BA in Communications (University of Technology, Sydney) he worked first in television then as a senior Visual Effects Artist on films including Harry Potter, Poseidon, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine and Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd.

His foray into directing and writing was a short film entitled Sometimes the Moon is Velvet. This won First Prize Best Short Film at Rhode Island International Film Festival. Tom is currently developing his first feature film, The Girl with Glass Feet, based on the book by Ali Shaw.