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14th September 2012

Have you entered the Brussels Beer Challenge yet?

BECOMEV, a subsidiary company of Vinopres, is organising a new international beer tasting competition in Brussels in November 2012.

The Brussels Beer Challenge aims to promote the beer industry in a market that is not only a benchmark for beer but also home to connoisseurs. The event dovetails with “Brussels, 2012 gourmet food capital” which provides the ideal setting for promoting products from the global beer industry.

International experts will gather to assess beer entries objectively, professionally and without bias. During the tasting, all beers will be flighted into consistent categories based on origin, archetypal characteristics and style. Award-winning beers from the Brussels Beer Challenge will benefit from media exposure and international recognition. These accolades will become a powerful marketing tool, opening up new development prospects.

The inaugural Brussels Beer Challenge will take place from November 2 to 4, 2012 in Brussels.

Vinopres communications assistant Loes Willems says: “The Brussels Beer Challenge is a beer tasting competition with an explicitly international character. We already have breweries participating from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United States of America, Italy, etc.

“To extend and strengthen this international range of beers, it’s very important to have more beers from the United Kingdom entering the competition. They are at the moment very poorly represented in the competition.

“Therefore we kindly ask you to encourage and inspire the British breweries to participate at this exciting new beer tasting competition. It’s a stepping stone to a worldwide reputation of excellence. Furthermore, the awards are a great marketing tool.”