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24th January 2022

HDi sees a doubling in demand for market and customer insight

HDi, the hospitality insight experts have seen enormous growth in demand for their data insight since the beginning of the pandemic.  Their pioneering insight gained from card transactional data across the UK hospitality sector is helping more and more of HDi’s clients as they try to work through the Covid trading restrictions and the aftermath.

Since 2017, HDI has used customer spending data to help almost 40 clients across UK hospitality, delivering over 350 projects alongside regular unique market and operator reports. HDI’s client base has almost doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.  Much of HDI’s unique insight comes from tracking day to day spending on over 10 million UK debit and credit cards within almost 180,000 uniquely identified hospitality venues, apps and websites.

Speaking about the increase in demand for HDI’s support, managing director Darroch Bagshaw said, “It’s great to be helping so many businesses find their way through the current challenges. Based on the daily spending patterns of millions of UK customers, we’re seeing how consumer spending habits are changing and whether that’s permanent or temporary. Being able to see those customer behaviours in individual sites, neighbourhoods, market sectors and operators is a proving a game changer from our sector”.


About HDi: HDi is an independent data insight business providing unique insights for the UK hospitality sector since 2017.  HDI specialise in providing unparalleled tracking of markets, individual operators, individual sites, customer behaviour and product price and performance. They’ve delivered over 500 projects to marketing, strategy, operations and property teams in over 60 hospitality, food and drink companies.

Press release from HDi

Press Contact: Elaine Beckett,