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19th November 2012

Hello from Marverine Cole, Beer Beauty!!

 In a few days I could be walking away with the prize of BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at the prestigious 6th Annual PRECIOUS AWARDS ( Well, with your help, that is!

 Precious describes itself as ‘a leading magazine and network showcasing the achievements of women of colour’. The event’s being held at London’s Waldorf hotel next Fri 23rd November.   Fellow Guild members, this is the first time I’m asking for your help, so I hope you can!

 Would you mind voting for me to win?  The awards were postponed from Oct 25th (hence the dated information on the Vote Page) but voting IS STILL OPEN! Woohoo!

And, you only have to BEER BEAUTY into the box at this link: and click on SUBMIT at the bottom RH corner of the page.

 What do I win? Well, I win the honour of being recognised outside of our field by some pretty influential business people in London and the opportunity to spread the message about the beauty I in beer even FURTHER! Good, right??

 I’ll let you know how next week turns out and hope to see you all in person at the Annual Guild dinner next month


 Much love

Marverine (Beer Beauty)