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10th April 2012


In 1952 Harvey’s Head Brewer devised a barley wine in celebration of the impending
coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He named it ‘Elizabethan Ale’ and it has
remained a part of the brewery’s portfolio ever since. Originally modelled on the dark barley
wines prevalent at that time, ‘Elizabethan’ followed an emerging trend towards lighter coloured
beers in the 1960’s and the recipe was changed to meet popular expectations.
In celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee we are reverting to the original recipe, which included flaked barley and black malt. We will, additionally, be using Golding hops from one
of the growers who supplied us in 1952 and continues to do so to this day.
A bottled version will be produced at 7.5% ABV to recreate the original barley wine, as well as a
5.0% version which will be available on  draught for the festivities.