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5th May 2020

Hop & Barley magazine launches a refreshed magazine to celebrate their tenth issue

This volume marks a breakthrough into double-digits for Hop & Barley. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve been working on a complete refresh; a new design, a new format, and a new approach to the content which uses the subject of beer as a jumping-off point for a wider range of stories, which reflect the diverse interests of our readers.

With a renewed editorial direction, it only seemed natural to challenge ourselves with the design as well. The new creative direction attempts to maintain some of the familiar elements of the magazine, whilst allowing us to explore a more confident visual style.

Since launching in 2014, we’ve seen the brewing scene develop and grow into one of the most exciting, innovative and dynamic industries. Few places better encapsulate this progressive culture than Brighton, a town which has, in recent years, nurtured one of the UK’s most diverse, inclusive and creative brewing scenes. We’re incredibly proud to present the city and surrounding areas as the theme for this issue.

Hop & Barley Volume 10 is now available to pre-order via our website.

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For further information please contact:
Nicholas Dawes
07593 081449

– NOTES TO EDITORS –About Hop & Barley

Hop & Barley is an independent beer and brewing culture magazine. With an emphasis on slow journalism and evergreen content, the magazine uses the subject of beer as a jumping-off point for stories of passionate people and fervent creativity.