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2nd March 2021

Hop Exchange Website Created to Enable Trade of Hops Between Brewers

Everybody who has a stake in the brewing or hospitality industries or their wider supply chain sectors will know that the last 12 months have been very challenging. With pubs closed for a significant part of the last year, breweries have had to innovate and in some places, hibernate whilst waiting for demand to return.

With that in mind, an online hop exchange platform has been created to enable brewers to trade hops directly between themselves, safely and authentically. Hop Market ( is launched this week and to support the industry by allowing brewers to list their surplus hops to buy and sell on the platform easily and seamlessly between one another. Allowing the fair and transparent online exchange of hops between breweries via a simple, straightforward, online platform.

Hop Market was set up by business owner Tom Veal, who has a passion for supporting businesses and helping them future proof and grow their online revenues. Tom’s ambition is to support the brewery community with a platform driven by the needs of the community itself and welcomes all ideas to improve it for the benefit of the community.

Once brewers sign up and list their available hops for sale, hops will be available from brewers all over the UK in various size packages and at various price points, meaning those in need can choose what suits them at any particular moment and not have to sign contracts or give commitments in these uncertain times.

The flexibility offered by Hop Market will be game-changing: it will enable more innovation, allowing brewers to try out more recipes by ordering smaller amounts of the hops they may not have initially intended to try, or may not have tried before. Hops will be shipped quickly and directly, enabling brewers to make decisions more rapidly about their plans and brewing schedules.

All purchases on Hop Market are protected by an escrow payment protection. Once an order is placed, the funds are held in escrow until the hops are received and checked for their quality and accuracy of listing, before releasing the funds to the seller. This ensures both the buyers and sellers are fully protected and able to use the platform with confidence.

Further to that, listing stock online is effortless. The Hop Market online platform is easy to use and manage, giving control to the user. And if you have a lot of stock to list, Hop Market will even assist and offers to list the stock on your behalf and offer automatic stock updating.

The Hop Market launch enables great flexibility in hop buying for the foreseeable future. Sign up for a free account today:

Hop Market is an online marketplace for bringing together brewers in order to let them share and exchange surplus hops in a safe, honest environment. Set up in 2020, when sharing of excess hops became an important option for brewers, Hop Market aims to support and offer new flexibility to the industry and in doing so, help brewers grow their businesses and achieve long-term success and stability.

Hop Market supports the brewing community by offering fair and transparent hop trading. It provides brewers and farmers with a safe, secure online platform to flexibly manage their hop supply and demands, allowing them to create listings and sell to anybody also registered on the platform with complete ease. 

Hop Market is passionate about enabling transparency in the hop industry to ensure customers are getting a fair price and the best quality available, as well as creating efficiency in hop usage and minimising wastage.

Hop Market are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Hop Market encourages stockists to offer fair pricing for all individuals and companies. Hop Market intends to be the single online hub for the hop community to support each other in all market conditions. 

Press release from Mae Day Marketing on behalf of Hop Market

Find out more by visiting the website at, calling on 01531 633742 or e-mailing us at For any press enquiries, please contact Judi-mae Alderton at Mae Day Marketing: // 07828 852448.