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8th March 2021

IBD Webinar: Brewing apprenticeships in the UK – Thurs, March 18th @ 4pm

Join us to learn about brewing apprenticeships in the UK and the professional opportunities that they can generate.

Listen to brewers, HIT Hospitality Academy and Caitlin and Felix , two Apprentices who have been involved in the scheme, and discover how the training dovetails with the IBD exams.

The panel will be discussing the apprenticeship scheme and the importance of becoming an advocate for the program in the industry for the benefit of new generation of professionals.

The panel will offer different angles and voices to the topic:

Rod White, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science at Nottingham University, will be the lead presenter. Toby Heasman is as a mentor and Head Brewer at Hall & Woodhouse. Jeremy Scorer is be the representative from HIT training. Felix Francisco Granell, Lead Brewer at Fallen Acorn, has recently passed with distinction his apprenticeship, first in the UK. And, Caitlin Mclean is finalising her brewing apprentice at Cloudwater.

This is a conversation not to be missed if your are planning or starting to have a career in brewing.

Why you should attend:

  • To understand the brewing apprenticeship program HIT
  • To discover the professional opportunities that the scheme provides


  • Rod White, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science – Nottingham University
  • Toby Heasman, mentor and Head Brewer – Hall & Woodhouse
  • Jeremy Scorer, Academy Principal – HIT Hospitality Academy


  • Presentations
  • Q&A

Register here:

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