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24th April 2023

Independent Bristol brewery Wiper and True release Daybreak, new rye-forward IPA

Celebrating their love of rye in beer, Wiper and True are releasing a limited edition rye-loaded IPA this Monday, 24th April.

Brewed with 100 kilograms of premium German rye malt and generous quantities of wheat and barley, the 7.0% IPA is called Daybreak. It will be available in pubs and venues in Bristol and nationwide, and at Wiper and True’s own taprooms in Old Market and St Werburghs, Bristol. The beer can also be purchased online through the Wiper and True website from the 24th April onwards:

About the beer

The beer itself is a generous 7.0% IPA loaded with hop characteristics from Wiper and True brewers’ favourites, Idaho 7 and Mosaic. The beer has notes of juicy stone fruits and dark berries, a touch of intense burnt rubber, and a little splash of black tea. On the malt base, a satisfyingly chewy mouthfeel from lots of wheat is balanced by the peppery cut-through of rye. The finished beer is smooth and full bodied, with a very drinkable finish.

Speaking about the new recipe, Wiper and True’s Head of Marketing Alice Howells said:

At Wiper and True we absolutely love rye, and use it in several of our beers. Citra and Rye is a real team favourite, inspired by the flavours of marmalade spread on a slice of rye bread, with a thick layer of butter. This IPA balances the peppery, slight spiciness of rye with contemporary bold hop notes for a really well balanced, multi-faceted beer. Since moving to our new brewery we’ve also been really working on our water profiles, and we’re delighted with the softness we’re now achieving in our IPA recipes. We hope everyone enjoys a pint of Daybreak this spring.


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About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol. Their focus is on creating refined, carefully considered beer in the most sustainable way possible. The business started life in 2012, with three friends creating homebrew beer on their kitchen stovetops. Over the next few years the trio produced beer nomadically, brewing through the night and at weekends at breweries across the country. In 2015 Wiper and True built their own brewery in Bristol, where they brewed for the next seven years, before expanding into an additional bespoke new brewery and 500-person capacity taproom in Old Market, Bristol, in July 2022.

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If you require any further information at all, please contact