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13th September 2023

Independent Bristol brewery Wiper and True to launch limited edition Espresso Martini Shake stout into 395 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide

On Sunday 17th September, independent Bristol brewery Wiper and True will launch a limited edition stout into 395 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. The limited edition seasonal release is a rich, decadent Espresso Martini Stout, designed to evoke the sensory experience of the nation’s favourite caffeinated cocktail.

The Sainsbury’s release riffs on Wiper and True’s iconic Milk Shake Milk Stout – a beer which helped grow the brewery’s reputation over the last decade. Speaking about the beer, Alice Howells (Head of Marketing at Wiper and True) said:

“The whole team at Wiper and True is very excited about Espresso Martini Shake. It’s a really fun, luxurious-tasting beer which combines all the best parts of an Espresso Martini cocktail into one really tasty dark beer: coffee, vanilla, booze. It’s smooth, warming, and really delicious; exactly what we want to be drinking when the weather starts to turn this autumn. During recipe development, our production team really focused on capturing the essence of the cocktail during recipe development. Coffee and vanilla are big, bold flavours, and it’s easy to get the balance wrong if you’re not careful, so we spent weeks tinkering with the recipe to achieve the perfect ratio of flavours. Luckily our team of experienced brewers know how to balance creativity with quality, and we think they’ve really delivered the brief here. We can’t wait for drinkers to try the beer, and we particularly love that our loyal following of Milk Shake drinkers will have something new to explore!”

Speaking about the Sainsbury’s listing, Wiper and True’s off-trade Sales Manager, Joe Baldwin said:

“This listing has been a long time in the making so we are really excited to see Espresso Martini Shake on the shelves in Sainsbury’s very soon. Teaming up with an iconic household name like Sainsbury’s means that Wiper and True beers are available far and wide across the country in almost 400 stores. What’s not to like?”

Bristolians can pick up a can at the local Sainsbury’s stores in Clifton Down or Castle Court (South Bristol).


For samples or any further information about Espresso Martini Shake or Wiper and True please email About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol. Their focus is on creating refined, carefully considered beer in the most sustainable way possible. The business started life in 2012, with three friends creating homebrew beer on their kitchen stovetops. Over the next few years the trio produced beer nomadically, brewing through the night and at weekends at breweries across the country. In 2015 Wiper and True built their own brewery in Bristol, where they brewed for the next seven years, before expanding into an additional bespoke new brewery and 500-person capacity taproom in Old Market, Bristol, in July 2022.

For can samples and further information, please email

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