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7th January 2022

Industry Experts behind launch New York’s First Non-Alcoholic Focused Beverage Distributor

The one stop distributor is focused on the expanding Proof-Less drinks category

New York, NY, January 7th, 2022 — The three beverage industry veterans behind are proud to announce the launch of their NYC based Distribution division, offering non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages to trade accounts in the greater New York City area. The growing non-alcoholic adult beverage category attracts accounts that are looking to expand their beverage menu or store set to include options for their patrons that aim to drink more mindfully and part of the overall healthy lifestyle or “Sober Curious” trend.

After launching their online consumer site in 2021, the innovative importer and distributor now services trade accounts with new non-alcoholic craft beverages from producers in the U.S. and internationally who prioritize high-quality techniques to maintain the flavors, mouthfeel, and experience of alcoholic beverages, just without the proof. Standout products that are available for distribution include:

● Sober Carpenter: From Canada’s leading non-alcoholic brewery, available in three styles (IPA, White Ale, Irish Red) and much lower in calories compared to the full alcohol versions.

● Atmos Brewing: With high-quality ingredients and beautifully balanced hops, Atmos’ non-alcoholic beers highlight the best craft brewing has to offer from the state of Idaho.

● Woodland Farms Brewery: Maine’s first non-alcoholic brewery, specialized in crowd pleasing non-alcoholic IPAs, lagers, and one of the top non-alcoholic sour breweries with their RUBY raspberry sour.

● Buonafide 0.0 wines from Italy which offers a dryer taste profile with their Bianco/white, Rosato/Rosé, Rosso/red, and sparkling wine options.

● Giesen Wines: This New Zealand winemaker sources the same Sauvignon Blanc grapes in their full strength wines and using a state-of-the-art de-alcoholization process to make an outstanding non-alcoholic version to maintain the taste people know and love, without the alcohol.

● Clean Co Spirits: An incredibly diverse collection of non-alcoholic spirits, ideal for cocktails. The zero-proof spirits are named by initials: Clean G for gin, R for rum, T for tequila, and V for apple vodka.

● Salcombe Distilling – New London Light: A groundbreaking non-alcoholic gin from the U.K. made with more than 15 botanicals to create a zesty, full-bodied base spirit. One of the few non-alcoholic gins that is produced at the same distillery as their alcoholic version in the seaside town of Salcombe, UK.

● Ferm Fatale: This woman founded West Coast wellness brand makes four great tasting organic pro-biotic shelf stable shrub-bucha cocktails which can be drunk straight or mixed and contain only 22 calories per 7oz bottle.

“For many years, non-alc and alcohol free drinks have been popular in Europe, and they are now growing in popularity in the U.S.,” said Christian Blake, one of the three co-founders of the company. “With the launch of the distribution business, we invite on-premise accounts, off-premise markets and other health-focused establishments; such as fitness & yoga studios, gyms, and other healthy lifestyle/wellness channels to discover that not every drink they serve needs to contain ‘proof'”.

Proof No More Distribution also addresses specific route to market challenges for beverage brands trying to expand in New York State. Many traditional alcoholic wine and spirit distributors are not able to service off-premise retail accounts that don’t carry a wine or spirit permit. Therefore, the grocery, off-premise, and non-premise channels are not able to be served by these distributors. Proof No More Distribution solves that problem and is able to service all accounts with or without an alcohol permit.

Proof No More is dedicated to bringing non alcoholic beverages into the mainstream, with beverages compatible with every lifestyle and palate, no matter why drinkers choose not to drink. Their services also include Cocktail creation for Bars and Restaurants, as well as designated “no-proof” kiosks for grocery and supermarkets.

The website is now accepting wholesale orders, with distribution available within 50 miles around New York City. To learn more, visit


About Proof No More:

Proof No More is a New York City-based importer and wholesale distributor specializing in non-alcoholic and zero proof adult beverages. They also have a direct-to-consumer online retail store, founded in 2021 and aims to attract customers with a new and harmonious drinking experience that doesn’t require alcohol. Its founders, Ed Carino, Christian Blake, and Lars Dahlhaus, are determined to revolutionize the beverage marketplace and create an inclusive space where non-alcoholic beverages can thrive by enticing customers of all backgrounds — those with varying drinking habits, diverse taste preferences, and a natural inclination for discovery.

For more information, please visit

Press release from Proof No More

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