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12th June 2024

Joule’s Brewery Announces Exciting New Campaign: Win a Year of Free Beer by Recommending Our Next Landlord!

Joule’s Brewery, is thrilled to announce an innovative new campaign designed to find the perfect landlord for their next pub. In a bid to foster industry growth and engage with their loyal community, Joule’s is offering a year of free beer to the individual who helps them find their next great landlord.

At Joule’s, we are deeply committed to the beer industry and want to see it thrive,” said Georgia Charlton-Briggs, Brand Manager at Joule’s Brewery. “This campaign isn’t just about finding a landlord; it’s about investing in the future of our pubs and supporting the individuals who make our industry great. We believe that by involving our community in this process, we can find someone truly exceptional.”

Why Your Recommendation Matters

Statistics show that individuals who join businesses through recommendations and referrals tend to be more successful in their roles. On average, 47% of applicants hired from referrals remain loyal to a company for three years or more. This insight underscores the importance of community involvement in Joule’s quest to find their next landlord.

We want to hear from you—our customers, friends, and partners—about who should be serving your pints,” added Georgia. “By making you part of this process, we hope to discover a landlord who is not only skilled and passionate about beer but also deeply connected to the community they will serve.”

Investing in the Future

Joule’s Brewery is also proud to continue their Darwin Agreement Programme, an initiative designed to educate and support landlords at the start of their journey. This partnership ensures that new landlords have access to the resources and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our collaboration with Darwin Agreements highlights our commitment to investing in and developing the next generation of landlords,” said Rachel Hackett, Recruitment Manager at Joule’s Brewery. “We want to provide every opportunity for new landlords to thrive, and we believe this partnership will be instrumental in achieving that goal.”

How to Participate

To recommend a potential landlord, simply visit Joule’s Brewery’s website and fill out the nomination form. Include details about why your nominee would make an excellent landlord, their experience in the industry, and any other relevant information. If your nominee is chosen you will receive a year’s supply of Joule’s beers, a prize valued at over £1,500.

“We’re excited to see the nominations and to find the next face of Joule’s pubs,” said Rachel. “This is a unique opportunity to make a real impact on the future of our industry.”

For more information, visit this link or contact Rachel at


Georgia Charlton-Briggs                Brand Manager                       

Rachel Hackett                                  Recruitment Manager          

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