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16th February 2024

Joule’s Brewery Flagship, The Red Lion Presents ‘Shropshire Week’ – A Celebration of Community, Culture, and the Relaunch of ‘Shropshire Hop’ Beer

The Red Lion, Joule’s Brewery’s local hub and flagship, is set to host a week-long extravaganza, aptly named ‘Shropshire Week.’ This celebration, taking place from the 19th – 25th February 2024, as a salute to Shropshire’s rich heritage, a showcase of local talent, and the relaunch of the much-adored ‘Shropshire Hop’ beer.

At the heart of ‘Shropshire Week’ is the relaunch of ‘Shropshire Hop,’ a 4.3% powerfully hopped golden ale with an aromatic and zesty profile. The beer, dominated by a blend of English, American, and New Zealand hops, creates a crescendo of satisfying bitterness, underpinned by pleasing floral notes. Nestled in a county steeped in brewing history, ‘Shropshire Hop’ stands out, as the most prized ingredient in all the brew is the locally sourced Shropshire Pure Mineral Water, coming from the bunter pebble beds sixty metres directly beneath the brewery.

Trevor Dawson, General Manager at Joule’s Brewery’s flagship the Red Lion comments: “To be able to celebrate local products and produce along with great community groups and local music artists is our core ethos here at The Red Lion and our whole team are dedicated to ensuring we deliver a truly community driven service each and every day and as the leader of the team, it’s great to see this in action daily.

Being the flagship brewery tap on site at Joules Brewery affords us the opportunity to share our passion for Joules and our great product range with everyone who walks through our door, whether they are visiting for a pint, a meal or to attend our monthly brewery tours.” The week unfolds with a diverse array of events, each designed to encapsulate the spirit of Shropshire:

Hoppy Shire Feast Night (Monday):

Kick off ‘Shropshire Week’ with the Hoppy Shire Feast Night at the Red Lion. Indulge in the ‘Shropshire Hop Pie,’ a culinary masterpiece that will run as the Pie of the Week. This dish perfectly complements ‘Shropshire Hop,’ a beer that embodies the pride of Shropshire.

Quiz Night in aid of Market Drayton FoodBank (Tuesday):

Tuesday brings a Quiz Night with a purpose – supporting the Market Drayton FoodBank. Engage in trivia, bring along food donations, and savour the distinct taste of ‘Shropshire Hop’ while contributing to a great cause.

The Shire’s Games Night (Wednesday):

Wednesday night invites you to experience the thrill of gaming with the Mighty Melee Gaming Group. Engage in friendly competition while enjoying a pint of ‘Shropshire Hop.’

The Shropshire Sharer (Thursday – Saturday):

Thursday through Saturday, indulge in the Shropshire Sharer – a delightful experience featuring Shropshire Salumi & Moydens Cheese, paired with a 4 Pint Jug of ‘Shropshire Hop’ for just £35 for two.

Live at The Lion with Nibbs & Chrisbee (Friday):

Ease into the weekend with live music by local favourites Nibbs & Chrisbee. Pair the entertainment with the Shropshire Sausage & Mash Special, complete with Shropshire Hop Gravy and a FREE pint with every full-sized order.

Shire Sessions with Lydia O’Dowd (Saturday):

Saturday brings the soulful Shire Sessions featuring the incredible talent of local artist Lydia O’Dowd. Immerse yourself in the music while sipping on ‘Shropshire Hop.’

The Shropshire Sunday Lunch (Sunday):

Wrap up ‘Shropshire Week’ with a hearty Sunday Roast and enjoy a free ½ pint of ‘Shropshire Hop’ with every full-sized order.

Join the Red Lion in celebrating ‘Shropshire Week,’ where the spirit of Shropshire is alive in every sip, every bite, and every note of local talent. For more information, visit Joule’s Brewery and the Red Lions social media page and website.


Georgia Charlton-Briggs                Brand Manager                       

Trevor Dawson                                  General Manager                   

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