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4th October 2018

JW Lees Announce 2019 Seasonal Ales Inspired by the Music of Manchester

Five new beers and the return of Plum Pudding back by popular demand

In 2019 JW Lees will release a series of beers that pay homage to some of the greatest bands to have shaped the Manchester and UK music scene. The limited-edition beers will be released in two-month cycles, starting in January with One Day Like This, a 3.8% session pale ale.

Michael Lees-Jones, Head Brewer, said: “We’ve released details today about our 2019 Seasonal Ales. Beers inspired by the music of Manchester, after all two of Manchester’s greatest exports are music and beer. Our 2018 range was inspired by the pioneers and innovators of Manchester, this was a huge success, so we looked back to Manchester for new inspiration in 2019.

“We’ve enjoyed experimenting with more hops through our microbrewery, and we’ll be showcasing some of these new combinations. We’re using tried and tested hops and malts plus some new ones, it’s going to be another push forward in interesting and exciting beer.”

The JW Lees portfolio of beer includes a broad range; core beers, collaborations (with Professor Brian Cox and Marco Pierre White), seasonal ales and the experimental The Boilerhouse beers.


About the 2019 Seasonal Ales

About JW Lees Seasonal Ales 2019

A series of beers inspired by the music of Manchester. The range is a homage to the songs and bands created in Manchester over many decades.

One Day Like This: Jan & Feb

Ingredients: Lager malt; Pioneer, Jester

ABV: 3.8%

Style: Pale Ale

Bitter: 4

Sweet: 2


To See: Straw

To Smell: Grapefruit, Tropical

To Taste: Crisp, Refreshing


Rock ‘n’ Roll Star: Mar & Apr

Ingredients: Ale Malt, Crystal Rye; Phoenix, Bramling Cross

ABV: 4.1%

Style: Bitter Ale

Bitter: 3.5

Sweet: 3


To See: Auburn

To Smell: Fruity, Currants

To Taste: Full Bodied, Spicy, Bitter


Not Nineteen Forever: May & Jun

Ingredients: Ale Malt, Crystal; *New hop variety (TBC)

ABV: 4.3%

Style: Amber Ale

Bitter: 4.5

Sweet: 2


To See: Amber

To Smell: Spicy, Fruity

To Taste: Biscuit, Caramel


Ever Fallen in Love: Jul & Aug

Ingredients: Ale Malt, CaraGold; Celeia, Summit, Mandarina Bavaria

ABV: 3.9%

Style: Pale Ale

Bitter: 4

Sweet: 2


To See: Gold

To Smell: Hoppy, Fresh,

To Taste: Tropical, Pink Grapefruit,


True Faith: Sep, Oct & Nov

Ingredients: Ale Malt, Munich, Chocolate; Goldings

ABV: 4.2

Style: Dark Ale

Bitter: 4.5

Sweet: 3


To See: Chestnut

To Smell: Malt, Floral

To Taste: Caramel, Chocolate, Creamy