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16th January 2018

Kegstar will sponsor the last trade session at London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival

Kegstar will sponsor the last trade session of the London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival, which will be taking place at the Camden Centre in King’s Cross from 3-5pm on Thursday 15th March.

After many decades of hosting trade sessions for London licences, the Festival is calling it a day following the news that the venue will close its doors for good. It has been run by CAMRA for 24 years.

Christine Cryne, Organiser of the London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival said: “Over the last couple of years, the trade session has been dedicated to London brewers and we will be doing the same again in 2018. However, this will be our last year as our venue of 34 years, the Camden Centre, is closing so we are determined to go out with a bang. We’ll have over 40 London brewers there and the event is being sponsored by Kegstar. We are grateful to everyone involved and can promise a great session for any licensee who can make it along’.

Richard Atkinson, Kegstar’s Business Development Manager UK, added: “We know that many visitors to pubs are looking for something local but we also know that usually busy licensees simply don’t have the time to research what is available. Just spending two hours at the Festival is a great way to do some very pleasant research and to meet many of the brewers themselves and we are delighted to be able to help and support this very last trade session.”

During the trade session, CAMRA’s Champion Beer of London and a keg beer of the festival, sponsored by Kegstar, will be announced. The judges consist of brewers, journalists and publicans, ensuring that the winners reflect saleability.

Licensees can visit: for trade tickets.


Media Contact:

Christine Cryne – / 07932 736 827

Richard Atkinson – / 07432 530 321

Notes to Editors:

  • The trade session will take place at the Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, WC1H 9HU.
  • Kegstar rents stainless steel kegs and casks, to the beverage industry. Brewers and manufacturers simply fill, deliver, scan and leave the rest to them. Each container has a unique 2D code, and RFID tag, that is easily scanned from a smart phone (iOS & android via the app); which allows the keg to be tracked through the supply chain to the venue and creates valuable data insights too. They then take care of the collection and return logistics back to Kegstar.
  • The North London Branch of CAMRA has been running the London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival for 34 years. The Festival opens 14th to 16th March.
  • The trade session will have around London brewers present and one cider. These are listed below:


Alphabeta Brewery


Anspach & Hobday


Barnet Brewery


Beerblefish Brewing Company




Brick Brewery




By the Horns


Canopy Beer Co




Duckchicken Cider


East London Brewing Co.




Five Points








Hackney Brewery






Howling Hops


Kew Brewery


London Brewing Co.




Mondo Brewing Co


One Mile End Brew Co


Portobello Brewery




Reunion Ales




Signature Brewery


Southwark Brewing Company




Tap East