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19th May 2022

Krombacher Ignites A Beer And BBQ Food Matching Summer

Germany’s leading premium beer brand Krombacher has kicked off a campaign to get consumers matching beer with their barbecue delights this summer.   

With barbecues already seeing a fair bit of use, Krombacher has collaborated with food writer Jonathan Hatchman to launch a quintet of beery dishes for the outdoor grilling season.

In the same way that Krombacher only uses the finest water, hops, summer barley and yeast in it’s widely-acclaimed brews, Jonathan’s recipe showcase fantastic produce with each dish either incorporating a different Krombacher beer or perfectly pairing with one.

In addition to the recipe campaign, Krombacher will also be running a host of giveaways via its UK Twitter channel @krombacherUK with a selection of top-quality barbecue kit and paraphernalia being given away throughout the summer months.

The recipes created for the campaign include:

  • Krombacher Dark BBQ Ribs
  • Krombacher Dark Pulled Pork
  • Krombacher Pils Beer Can Poussin
  • Fish Tacos paired with a Krombacher Weizen
  • BBQ Halloumi paired with a Krombacher Pils 0.0%

Krombacher Brewery 

 Fiercely independent, family-run and with a deep respect for nature, Krombacher has been producing its high-class beers exclusively in the small town of Krombach, nestling in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany, since 1803.

Adhering to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot) but relying on artistry, experience and above all passion, Krombacher’s 55 Master Brewers ensure no corners are cut in their pursuit of perfection.

Combining time-consuming methods of the traditional German brewers with state-of-the art technology, the brewery only uses the best, 100% natural and wholesome ingredients. This includes the finest two-row summer barley, Siegel hops from Hallertau and the brewery’s own specially cultivated Krombacher Pilsner Superioris yeast, which is used in one brew only.

For the precious water, Krombacher beers benefit from the local Felsquellwasser® found in 48 wells within 3km of the brewery. The special water is naturally soft and low in mineral content and is the only water ever used to brew Krombacher beer, providing the beer with its unique, recognisably refreshing, pure and crisp taste.

The Krombacher beers are now available through Co-op, Booths, Bargain Booze, Filshill Keystore, Majestic, Morrisons, Ocado, Oddbins, Spar (north of England) and Tesco.

For further information:

Twitter – @krombacherUK
Facebook, Instagram – /KrombacherUK

Press release from Krombacher UK