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22nd January 2024

Krombacher On-trade Success Continues As Interest In Historic German Beer Styles Grows 

Leading German beer brand Krombacher backed up its best ever year in the UK On-Trade in 2022 with 90 new permanent draught installs in 2023 and its Hell Lager, Unfiltered, Dark Lager and Weizen kegs seeing combined volume growth of 37% (vs 2022).

The proud family-run brewery, whose beers have been imported into the UK since the mid-80s, continues to prioritise the On-Trade as more and more consumers understand, search out and enjoy historic German beers like Krombacher, that put taste, authenticity and provenance first.

Krombacher UK invested heavily in marketing in 2023 with a PR campaign, a series of ‘Krombacher Social’ events, advertising, bespoke On-trade support, increased digital activity and a social media campaign to specifically promote its On-trade customers.

Krombacher’s Director for Sales & Marketing in the UK & Ireland, Stephan Kofler, said:

“In a competitive UK market and in challenging times, it’s been another hugely positive year for Krombacher. With many of the so-called ‘international’ lagers being brewed in the UK and spending no real time being lagered to develop flavour, I think there has been a growing consensus among the quality drinkers towards German beers and the different historic beer styles the country offers.  This can be seen in the increased interest for our Hells, Unfiltered and Dark lagers.”

With Krombacher Pils retaining the top spot when it comes to market share in Germany (increased to a record level of over 11% in 2023), the brewery’s iconic Pils continues to be its biggest volume line in the UK.

It was the Krombacher Hells, Unfiltered Lager, Dark Lager and Weizen though, that saw the strongest interest in 2023 with the combined keg volume growing by 37% against 2022.

The brand’s low/no portfolio including 0.0% Pils and unique non-alcoholic Weizen have also continue to take market share with sales growing by 11% in 2023 against 2022.

As the brewery looks to drive more On-trade growth, the Krombacher team in the UK will be exhibiting at Northern Restaurant & Bar Show this March, running further Krombacher Social events and kicking off a wide-reaching social media and PR campaign.

John Critchley, Commercial Director of Morgenrot and importer of Krombacher, commented:

“There is no doubt that German beer is on a roll and Krombacher has been leading the charge. The quality, history, production methods and authenticity of German brands like Krombacher is irreproachable. While there is always a multi-national brewer ready to write a cheque to get an inauthentic international lager on the bar, I honestly think German beer has the high ground when it comes to quality and provenance. These factors are starting to resonate with consumers and helping us to challenge the status quo.”

Krombacher Around The World 

In Germany and globally, the Krombacher Group as a whole presented satisfactory annual results, especially considering the challenging market conditions. Total output for the Group fell only slightly to a total of 7.628 million hectolitres (hl). Compared to the previous year, this is a slight decrease of 0.1 %. The Krombacher umbrella brand performed significantly better than the industry average. At 5.739 million hectolitres, the decline here was only 0.3%.

Ralph Zimmerer, Chief Marketing Officer at Krombacher, said:

“With our strong brand portfolio in both the beer and non-alcoholic beverage segments, we are ideally positioned for the future. This has also been demonstrated by the past year, which was very challenging overall. In 2024, we will work intensively as a team to recharge our brands from the core in a new and contemporary way, to make them an even more consistent experience for consumers across all consumer touchpoints and to generate real growth impetus through consumer-centric innovations in the market. We will drive forward our diversity of varieties within the Krombacher Group and surprise our consumers with exciting new product ideas.”

Krombacher Brewery

Fiercely independent and family-run, Krombacher has been producing its much-revered beers in harmony with nature in the Krombach Valley since 1803.

Brewing exclusively in the small town of Krombach, nestled in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany, Krombacher proudly adheres to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot).

Relying on artistry, experience and above all a passion for purity, Krombacher’s Master Brewers ensure no corners are cut in their pursuit of perfection.

Combining traditional brewing methods with state-of-the art technology, the brewery only uses the finest, 100% natural ingredients. This includes the finest two-row summer barley, Siegel hops from Hallertau and the brewery’s very own specially cultivated Krombacher Pilsner Superioris yeast, which is used in one brew only.

For the precious water, Krombacher beers benefit from the local Felsquellwasser® found in 50 wells within 3km of the brewery. The special water is naturally soft, low in mineral content and is the only water ever used to brew Krombacher beer, providing the beer with its unique, recognisably refreshing, pure and crisp taste.

The market leader in Germany and among the most modern beverage suppliers in Europe, Krombacher beers are now available in more than 50 markets worldwide.

In the UK, the brand has over 300 draught taps now in operation in the On-trade and the beers are widely available in the Off-trade from the likes of Tesco, Morrisons, Majestic, Ocado, Booths, Bargain Booze, Filshill Keystore, Oddbins, Spar (north of England).

The Krombacher beers available in the UK include the Pils, Hell, Unfiltered, Weizen, Dark, 0.0% Pils and Non-Alcoholic Weizen.

For further information: 

Twitter – @krombacherUK
Facebook, Instagram – /KrombacherUK

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