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27th March 2023

Launching a new Belgian style Witbier

Round Corner Brewing have today launched Saint Cloud, a 5.2% Belgian Style Witbier, as their third official Market Edition beer of the year.

As British Spring Time has officially begun, this thirst quenching and refreshing beer suits the time of year perfectly. Saint Cloud is a cloudy ale with a thick white foam and deliciously fragrant. The Belgian yeast strain used provides fruity esters and phenolics, while orange peel and freshly milled coriander provide citrus characters.

The brewery has also used New Zealand wai-iti hops, which add to the lime characteristics of the beer. Overall, this beer is delicate, while also quite complex and incredibly drinkable.

The name Saint Cloud takes inspiration from the brewing powerhouse of Belgium, as Round Corner Brewing doffs its cap to the incredible Belgium brewers and beer styles. Named after its cloudy white appearance and also the patron saint of hop pickers and brewers, Saint Arnold of Soissons, Saint Cloud was created.

Round Corner Brewing has had a history of creating wheat beers, with their most recent being Witchery, a Cherry Wheat Beer, and before that Zomba, a Hazy Lavender Witbier. The later beer claimed the Country Winner for the United Kingdom in the Wheat Beer / Belgian Style Witbier category at the 2022 World Beer Awards. An award which added to the Melton Mowbray’s breweries long list of recognisable achievements and international awards.

This latest beer by Round Corner Brewing follows three new Market Edition beers that have launched in 2023. These include the return of two popular beers, Mainland, a 5.2% NZ Pilsner and Shimmering Pond, a 5.6% Hazy Vermont IPA. Alongside these two was an off-plan creation called Casa Melton, a Spanish Lager which had Spanish orange zest added in the whirlpool for an extra citrusy dimension.

Saint Cloud is now available to order from Round Corner Brewing’s webshop, or at Round Corner Brewing’s Taproom at the home of the brewery in Melton Mowbray Market.

Round Corner Brewing’s Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Colin Paige said: “This is a lovely style of beer to be launching out as the weather gets warmer and we come into Spring. So, for this we wanted something which was delicious, thirst quenching and refreshing, and this Belgian Style Witbier ticks all those boxes.

“It’s ever so slightly tart from the Belgian Witbier yeast that we’ve used, it’s quite low in bitterness and this yeast delivers a lot of gentle phenolics, which is a little bit of pepperiness. There are also some lovely esters, which are like Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum characters, which is just fantastic. We’ve added orange peel and coriander seed, which we mill fresh at the brewery, and that gives us a strong lime character, alongside quite a lot of New Zealand wai-iti hops which are limey too.

“As a brewery we really enjoy making a beer like this with botanicals and using different yeast and managing fermentation a bit differently to drive the characters we want. It’s also 50% wheat in the grist, which can make brewing days sometimes challenging. We also have about 5% oats in the beer, which adds a nice smoothness to the pallet. So, it’s a very different style of beer to make, but something we have done well previously.

“Overall, Saint Cloud is a delicate beer, but also quite complex. Due to its delicate nature it’s very drinkable with gentle yeast esters, low bitterness, but plenty of yeast complexity going on, and the botanicals just add another dimension.”

Round Corner Brewing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Combie Cryan said: “We’re delighted to be launching our third official Market Edition of the year today, and with Saint Cloud Belgian Style Witbier it’s a style which we love not only brewing, but also drinking.

“Over the years we’ve created a variety of Witbier styles, with one of our most successful being Zomba, which was a 2022 World Beer Awards winner. So, for us with Saint Cloud we’ve lowered the level of complexity and produced what we believe is an easy to drink beer, which we hope our valued customers will love.

“We’ve also packaged this beer into 440ml cans, which is something we last did around a year ago. Our usual can size is 330ml, however we’ve been reassessing our options and thought internally about what our customers would like. We think with Saint Cloud, it fits a 440ml can quite nicely with its easy drinking characteristics. Over the coming year we’ll be looking at offering a small range of cans in this size, which will be interesting for new and existing Round Corner Brewing customers to try.

“Saint Cloud will be launched today in our Taproom in Melton Mowbray, alongside many of our incredible trade customers who’ll be stocking this beer in both keg and can, so as many people as possible can get a taste of Saint Cloud.”


Round Corner Brewing believes craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection and it’s this pursuit that drives the brewery to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Founded in 2018 by Colin Paige and Combie Cryan, Round Corner Brewing have been awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at some of the most prestigious awards in the world. These include The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards. Most notably Round Corner Brewing were awarded the World’s Best Ale & Gold medal at The 2021 International Brewing Awards for their Pale Ale, Steeplechase.

Market Edition beers are the breweries limited edition beers, which sit alongside their Core Range beers which are available throughout the year. These Core Range beers are Frisby Lager, Steeplechase Pale Ale, Drovers Hazy Vermont Session IPA, Gunmetal Black Lager and Reverend Hooker Nitro Stout.

Press release from Round Corner Brewing


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