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28th July 2022


Round Corner Brewing To Host Celebration Of Unique Food, Drink And Friends

Round Corner Brewing have announced that their Rare Foods Festival, which is hosted alongside the traditional and native rare breeds show at Melton Mowbray Market, will return for its fourth year on Saturday 10th September 2022.

The Rare Foods Festival is a celebration of unique foods, drinks, and friends from around the country. With free admission to all guests, they will be able to enjoy a selection of amazing rare foods on offer from some of our favourite street food vendors and food makers.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy beers from Round Corner Brewing, based within Melton Mowbray Market, as well as a couple of invited beer and cider friends who will be serving the best they have to offer.

To perfectly pair the unique food and beer, there will be live music from some of Round Corner Brewing’s absolute favourite artists to help keep the festival alive throughout the day and into the evening.

Topping off the festival will be the fourth running of Round Corner Brewing’s Rare Foods Eating Competition. This is where participants compete to eat some of the rarest and most bizarre food combinations on offer. The person who goes through the series of food challenges and comes out undefeated will be crowned the 2022 Rare Foods Eating Champion.

With large and enthusiastic crowds having attended for the previous three festivals, Round Corner Brewing is excited to welcome them back, along with people experiencing this unique event for the first time. In the lead up to the festival, street food vendors, beer and cider makers, and musicians that will be at the festival will be announced.

The festival runs from 13:00 – 22:00, with tickets free and can be registered for here:

Round Corner Brewing’s Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Colin Paige said: “Having lived and made beer all over the world I’ve been fortunate enough to try some amazing foods. What are delicious and well-regarded foods in some countries, might be considered unusual in the UK, so we thought there was a unique opportunity to get some great chefs and try some more unusual cuts of meat or proteins. Pairing these with beer was a perfect opportunity to offer them to a new audience.

“I think Uncommonly Good Beer could be considered rare and we’ve made beer over the years which could be classed as rare, such as some barrel aged beers, ones brewed with different yeasts, and Zomba which has lavender as an unusual botanical. We’re currently planning on brewing a Doppelbock, and there’s not many of those brewed in the UK. We have a beer in the tanks at the moment, which is a Smoked Helles, which I believe is the only one made in the UK currently, which is a very rare style of beer, unless you’re in Bamberg.”

“Where we’re based, in the rural capital of food, was another perfect opportunity to host the festival. Being in the East Midlands there is a great agricultural culture, there’s great chefs and there is great ethnic diversity, where we get to try some different foods from different cultures, so where we’re based in the perfect place to bring some of those cultures and cuisines together in one place and over one day.”

Round Corner Brewing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Combie Cryan said: “We’re delighted to be hosting the fourth running of the Rare Foods Festival after the success we’ve had over the past three years, seeing a bumper crowd of 500 attend in 2021. At Round Corner Brewing we love getting people together and celebrating rare foods and wonderful beer and cider, which is exactly what this festival does.

“The Rare Foods Festival is our own beer festival but run in a unique way where we see the Melton Mowbray Market full of family and friends having a great time and bonding over some of the rarest foods you’ll find for a fair distance. We believe beer plays a vital role as a social lubricant alongside food, so running an event that allows families and friends to do this together, is so important to us.

“Hosted over the same weekend as the traditional and native rare breeds show, people will get to experience some incredible animals up close for quite possibly the first time ever. Pair that with everything else happening throughout the day and you’ve got yourself a winning Saturday!”

Round Corner Brewing believes craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection and it’s this pursuit that drives the brewery to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Founded in 2018 by Colin Paige and Combie Cryan, Round Corner Brewing have been awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at some of the most prestigious awards in the world. These include The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards.

Most notably Round Corner Brewing were awarded the World’s Best Ale & Gold medal at The 2021 International Brewing Awards for their Pale Ale, Steeplechase.

Press release from Round Corner Brewing

Contact: Steve Nash – Marketing Manager