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13th March 2024

Lewes based microbrewery ABYSS announce a limited edition beer celebrating the launch of a memoir by the acclaimed DJ, producer and musician Richard Norris

Lewes based, award-winning micro brewery ABYSS Brewing have today announced a new special edition beer in collaboration with the legendary DJ, producer and musician Richard Norris to celebrate Norris’ forthcoming acid house memoir Strange Things are Happening (21 March, White Rabbit) which details the musician’s vibrant, psychedelic career including the release of the UK’s first acid house record Jack The Tab; finding international fame with The Grid in the early 90s, to working with Joe Strummer of The Clash; his creative partnership with Erol Alkan as Beyond The Wizards Sleeve + much more. Embracing a psychedelic lifestyle along the way, Strange Things are Happening is a funny, improbable and frequently wild journey down the rabbit hole – complimenting ABYSS’ approach to micro brewing.

Strange Things Are Happening Hazy Pale Ale is a gluten free, 4,4% beer born in Lewes, Sussex at ABYSS Brewing, produced locally at Norris’ local psychedelic brewery. The new product was developed in the ABYSS Brewery + Tap, an old 18th century malthouse now full of stainless steel tanks, a 12 tap bar and street food set against the mind-bending acid lights set up by the brewers to celebrate contemporary psychedelia. Sprinkled with Citra, Equanot and Centennial hops, it transmits dazzling notes of grapefruit, papaya and orange for a super soft, moreish mouth feel which compliments the vivid tales featured in the book as well as its cover design.

ABYSS are dedicated to brewing modern beers with big personalities, and their innovative approach to brewing has been recognised through industry awards since their launch in 2016. ABYSS believe in the power beer has to bring people together with collaboration at the heart of their practice, working tirelessly with the creative community – like Richard Norris – and local charities. The brewery’s passion for culture is also present across their monthly special events spotlighting local musicians and artists. All of ABYSS’ beers are also vegan.

Norris’ book is an insider’s tale of inspiration and collaboration, working with some of the most iconic artists in music and beyond. We travel to basement acid parties in London to ten thousand strong raves in Ibiza. from Amsterdam with Timothy Leary, to Tijuana with Shaun Ryder and Joe Strummer, on a bumpy ride in Joe’s beat up 1955 Cadillac, to the customs hall at Heathrow with Sun Ra, Top of the Pops, around the world and back again. It is a celebration of creativity and passion, of chance meetings turning into lifelong friendships, and of what is possible with an independent spirit, with an open mind and heart. not quite do it yourself, more do it yourselves – a testimony to how small groups of people can affect and change the cultural landscape; a story about doing what you love and being eternally curious.

Press assets available upon request.

Richard and the ABYSS Brewing team are all available for interviews.

Contact: Kasimiira Kontio,

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