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18th September 2017


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Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, has unveiled a new short film telling the story of hop growing in the county, in celebration of Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight.

The Faversham brewer uses 80% Kentish hops in its ales. The iconic Kentish produce is renowned the world-over for its unique characteristics, imparted by the terroir.


The Ultra High Definition film focuses on hop grower – and former chairman of the National Hop Association – Tony Redsell OBE. Having grown hops at Parsonage Farm near Faversham since 1948, Tony gives his unique perspective on the history and future of hops. After a lifetime of working in the hop trade, Tony is currently in the process of handing over the farm to his grandson, Antony Redsell.


Shepherd Neame’s Green Hop Ale (4.5% abv) is being launched for Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight (22nd September – 8th October 2017). It is bittered with East Kent Goldings from Parsonage Farm. East Kent Goldings are noted for their spicy, peppery notes and – thanks to Tony Redsell – in recent years have achieved Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO), to safeguard their unique provenance.


The aroma hop is Pride of Kent, an historic variety from the National Hop Collection, housed at Shepherd Neame’s Queen Court Farm. A little-used hop, Pride of Kent results in a fresh, floral and grassy aroma which provides the perfect showcase for green Kentish hops.


Shepherd Neame head brewer, Richard Frost, said: “We’re so lucky to have the hop gardens on our doorstep. To be able to keep a close eye on such a vital ingredient is extremely heartening for a brewer. This is a stunningly beautiful film and I hope it gives drinkers an insight into hops as it’s a celebration of British hops.”


Shepherd Neame’s Green Hop Ale is available on cask nationwide.




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