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20th December 2022

LIFTED High Protein Lager Takes Off

Lifted Drinks, a Birmingham based start-up is shaking up both the alcohol-free drinks and sports nutrition markets by launching a brand new alcohol-free beer, enriched with 10 grams of added protein.

The drink, branded as a sports recovery lager, is completely alcohol free (0.0%) and includes 10g of plant-based pea protein per 330ml can, making it the perfect post-sport drink, all for less than 83 calories.

Aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts, Lifted enables drinkers to celebrate sporting moments whilst helping their body get the protein it needs after exercise.

Founded by husband and wife team Tony & Rebecca, Lifted is built on the belief that you don’t have to compromise between a delicious post exercise beer and looking after your body. That’s why they worked with a master brewer to get the flavour profile just right, so you can enjoy both.

The perfect addition to support your dry January and new year gym kick.

Lifted beer is available to buy from £23.40 per case (12 x 330ml cans) at

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Company Profile

Lifted Drinks Ltd is a Birmingham based start-up. The company brews alcohol free beer with added protein for athletes who want to relax or socialise without ruining their workout (or their morning after).

Founded by husband & wife team Tony & Rebecca, who knew there had to be an alternative to swigging a creamy protein shake before relaxing with a beer, Lifted Drinks Ltd exists to help improve the after-sport experience for both non- drinkers and alcohol reducers. 

As a young family who also like to stay active, we know the importance of looking after your body and feeling fresh in the morning, but you don’t always want to miss out on a social drink.  

We’re here to tell you that you can have it all! Great taste, great sports recovery. No compromises necessary.  

It was from this determination not to compromise and a bit of imagination that Lifted was born!

Press release from Lifted Brewing.

For more information please contact