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24th April 2019

Limited Edition Art Series cans From Dares

Featuring collaboration & original art by controversial artist “dusty o”

Dares, Davenports craft beer brand have teamed up with controversial Gay artist “Dusty O” to produce some daring limited edition cans for its two new packaged craft beers.  The brewery who have been a supporter of “Dusty O” are collaborating to produce these unique designs and beers.

These cans will be the first in the range of Dares new “Art Series” a project which will allow artists to feature artwork on cans. A combination of liquid and visual art.  The two Craft Beers will be available in 440ml cans,  2nd Term a 6.5% ABV  modern, smooth yet flavourful American Style Lager and Nitro 535 a 5.35% ABV devilishly rich and dark beer with hints of chocolate.

“We are very excited to collaborate with “Dusty O” for our inaugural Art Series,” says Davenports Brand Director Simon Key. “We’re proud to be collaborating with an artist whose roots perfectly align with our Dares brand and we look forward to continuing to partner with Dusty and different artists in the future.

“We are also delighted to have the support of one of our Local MPs Mr Khalid Mahmood Shadow Minister (Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) (Europe).”

To kick off this new series, Davenports are the main sponsor of a unique art exhibition featuring Dusty O hosted by local MP Mr Khalid Mahmood displaying Dusty O’s work at the Houses of Parliament.  The exhibition  “ Limp Wrist – Iron Fist’ will be held at the House of Commons, Westminster on Monday 3rd June, 2019.  The exhibition is also supported by Pride In London and ParliOUT and is the first exhibition of its kind to be held in the Palace of Westminster.

The cans will be available from May 2019

Dusto O Bio

“That Dusty O, she’s been quite a few things since departing Birmingham in the West Midlands and arriving in London. Club kid,, drag queen, club host, DJ, Diva, Cage Rattler and now artist.  You could say Dusty O has always been an artist. Her beautifully painted face airbrushed to perfection and dressed head to toe in Vivienne Westwood giving the impression that she was perhaps a lady of secret wealth. Not so, Dusty has always grafted and created and it is no surprise that the now bearded Dusty has turned to art. Her work is autobiographical and drags you through a cartoon world of nightlife, drag queens, wannabes and the occasional pop icon. Flirting with religion, sexuality and challenging PC concepts with a cheeky irreverence. It is bright, bold, sexually charged, psychedelic and unapologetic. “

Boy George


Further information:

Simon Key
Marketing Director
0121 555 4867
Davenports Brewery | New Street | Smethwick | Birmingham | B66 2AJ