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16th June 2020

Little Abacus, a new 2.8% Petite Saison

Mixed-Fermentation Saison hopped With Hull Melon and solely available in 5L Mini Kegs

A light refreshing 2.8% micro-saison fermented in stainless steel and oak and hopped with Hull Melon.

This summer, we bring you Little Abacus. Abacuses (Abaci?!) were used to perform all kinds of arithmetic that was too challenging to do in one’s head; such a simple device composed of beads on rods could be used to calculate all sorts of things, even square roots.

Little Abacus is a nod to simple innovations that change the world. As a beer, it boasts all the complexity of a grown-up saison in a small frame.

We too are having to innovate and change our approach considering the Covid-19 situation: the beer was destined for kegs to go up and down the country – instead, it will be going into 5-litre minikegs for all to enjoy at home in the sunshine. Stay home. Stay safe. Innovate.

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About Solvay Society
Belgian born, London brewed. Solvay Society was founded in 2014 brewing modern Belgian beer on the London-Essex border. Their founder takes inspiration from his Belgian heritage but has been a Londoner for over a decade. Roman uses his scientific background and PhD in Physics to make modern Belgian beer, focusing on the invention and the art of taste.