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13th August 2021

Loah Beer Co. introduces one of the healthiest low-alcohol beers to the market with a low-calorie and low-sugar variant

August 2021: Loah Beer Co. introduces one of the healthiest low-alcohol beers, Hola Beer with Lime (0.5% ABV), to the low and no alcohol category. Brewed with all the same yeast, hops and malts of alcoholic beer, the new Hola Beer with Lime aims specifically for a 0.5% ABV and has one of the lowest calorie and sugar contents of any low-alcohol beer currently available in the UK market.

Loah was created following consumer demand for a low-alcohol beer option with a lighter flavour to appeal to both beer lovers and haters alike. With Google search terms for ‘low alcohol’ peaking to their highest point in three years this June, consumers are demanding low and no alcohol options for all palates. The low and no-alcohol market is expected to grow by 22% by 2024*, however, current contenders are failing to appeal to a health-conscious demographic who want a lighter-tasting beer.

Containing just 39 calories and less than a gram of sugar, the Hola Beer with Lime is the only low-alcohol beer with a fruity flavour profile and offers a light and refreshing taste with natural lime flavourings. Unlike its competitors, Loah has gained an equal male to female customer split and aims to appeal to a diverse audience.

Made from 100% recyclable packaging and naturally brewed, Loah is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. The brand aims to be carbon neutral in the near future and as the company scales it has a target to be the leading sustainable low-alcohol brand on the market.

Hugo Tapp, Founder at Loah Beer Co., comments: “We’re excited to be entering the vibrant low and no alcohol category through the launch of our flagship Hola Beer with Lime. An increasing number of people now take balance and moderation into account when they’re purchasing drinks, whether alcoholic or not – something that lockdown has only accelerated. Loah is all about the upsides and not compromising on flavour, experience, or health goals. As we look to the future, we’re looking forward to continuing to focus on innovation and working towards becoming carbon neutral. We’re extremely proud to have already created a product which uses less energy during brewing and our long term aim is to become the leading sustainable low-alcohol brand in the UK market.”

Available to buy at and across both the on and off-trade, Hola Beer with Lime comes in packs of 4, 12 and 24. RRP: £2.50.




Notes to Editors

  • Available in a growing number of venues and retailers including WAVE Café (Hackney), Nest (Hackney), Wild + Lees (Herne Hill), Blank (Brixton), Fenn (Fulham), The Grove (Watford) and The Runnymede (Egham)

About Loah Beer Co.

Launched in 2020, Loah Beer Co. is a new low-alcohol beer designed to bring a taste of sunshine to the fast-growing low-and-no alcohol market. Vegan and gluten-free, the new flagship variant Hola Beer with Lime is brewed to a unique 0.5% ABV recipe at just 39 calories and less than a gram of sugar. Focusing on three key areas; Flavour, People and Sunshine, Loah uses the purest ingredients and natural lime flavourings to produce a crisp and refreshing beer that people can enjoy without the hangover. Founded by beverage industry expert Hugo Tapp, who brings his wealth of experience from making and selling wine to accelerating drinks startups such as Seedlip whilst at Distill Ventures. Sustainability is also key to the brand, and it aims to be the most sustainable option on the market through its fully recyclable packaging and brewing techniques. Loah aims to build a community of like-minded individuals who bring the sunshine state of mind into each day. Club Loah membership offers free shipping for life, a one-time 10% discount, and access to content from yoga instructors, chefs, musicians, and more.

Press release from Loah Beer Co