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6th October 2017

Lock, stock and three smoking barrels!

Collaboration between micro-brewery and micro-pub produces 3 new Cornish beers!

North Cornwall’s first Micropub, ‘The Barrel at Bude’ which opened in June this year and new micro-brewery ‘Dowr Kammel’, established in St. Breward in 2015 have joined together to produce a new range of Cornish beers; Tripel Barrel, Double Barrel and Single Barrel. Tripel Barrel will be the only Cornish Tripel beer and at 10% ABV is enough to send any rocket skywards! Double Barrel is no dud either being a 7% ABV Cornish Pilsner beer whilst Single Barrel a new Cornish lager at 6% ABV, finishes off a spectacular display!

The Barrel which only sells Cornish beer from small independent brewers is owned by husband and wife team Ian and Rachel O’Hare whilst Dowr Kammel (Cornish for Crooked River) was set up by Yorkshire couple Simon and Justine Carruthers.

When Ian couldn’t find a Tripel, Pilsner or lager from a small artisan brewer he approached Simon to see if he was prepared to help. Strong beers are notoriously difficult to make but Simon was immediately on board.

“As a one-man brewery I may not have the size of the larger Cornish brewers but that makes my business more agile. I’m able to drop things and take on new challenges. Brewing Tripel Barrel was difficult but we’re both really pleased with the result and we believe our Pilsner and Lager is also a match for anything else in Cornwall”

As Ian reports; “All three beers will be launched on the afternoon of the 5th November at ‘The Barrel at Bude’ and we will have a small party to celebrate what we’ve achieved. We hope that along with our local customers, invited guests will come and taste our new Barrel range whilst also enjoying a special ‘Barrel Pie’ and listening to live music. As a prelude to Bonfire night, we hope it also goes with a bang”!

The full Barrel range will be available throughout the Christmas festivities at the ‘Barrel at Bude’ with pre-orders for other outlets being taken now, for delivery in January 2018. For more information email


  • For an invitation to the launch please send name(s) to Ian O’Hare at marked PARTY!
  • A micropub according to the Micropub Association is defined as follows: “A micropub is a small free-house which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks. In addition, ‘The Barrel at Bude’ also only sells Cornish beer, wine, cider, gin and soft drinks made by small artisan Cornish producers.
  • The term Tripel comes from Belgium, but the origin of the term is unknown. One theory is the word indicates strength — either by reference to a series of marks, such as crosses, on a cask (X for the weakest strength, XX for medium strength, and XXX for the strongest beer); or by reference to the original gravity of a beer, which roughly corresponds to 3% abv 6% abv and 9% abv. The first golden strong pale ale assciated with the term was brewed in the early 1930s,
  • Pilsner is one of the youngest beer styles in the world. It was originally brewed in Plzen, Czech in 1842. Many large breweries have recreated the beer and used the name Pilsner, which is the name of the brewery where it was originally brewed, to describe the style.
  • Lager is a type of beer that also originates from what is now the Czech Republic. It is conditioned slowly at low temperatures. The word lager means storeroom or warehouse in German.
  • Photographs available on request. For more information contact Ian O’Hare on 07821 421899 or email